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General information

 Summary:Pocillaria P. Browne, Civil nat. Hist. Jamaica: 78 (1909) [MB#18316] 
 MycoBank #:18316 
 Authors:P. Browne 
 Authors (abbreviated):P. Browne 
 Page #:78 
 Journal or book:P. Browne 1909, Civil nat. Hist. Jamaica: 78 
 Year of effective publication:1909 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Remarks:Ref. to tab. III, f. 1 (not found) 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

316 Associated records (click to hide):
Pocillaria abnormis, Pocillaria adhaerens, Pocillaria adhaesa, Pocillaria albida, Pocillaria alliacea, Pocillaria alopecina, Pocillaria anastomosans, Pocillaria angustata, Pocillaria anthocephala, Pocillaria apalus, Pocillaria applanata, Pocillaria arenicola, Pocillaria areolata, Pocillaria arsenaria, Pocillaria aureofulva, Pocillaria auricolor, Pocillaria auricula, Pocillaria badia, Pocillaria beccariana, Pocillaria berkeleyana, Pocillaria berkeleyi, Pocillaria berteroi, Pocillaria bertieri, Pocillaria bicolor, Pocillaria bisa, Pocillaria bissa, Pocillaria blepharodes, Pocillaria bonaerensis, Pocillaria bracata, Pocillaria braccata, Pocillaria brasiliae, Pocillaria brevipes, Pocillaria broomei, Pocillaria byrsonimae, Pocillaria caelopus, Pocillaria caespitosa, Pocillaria calvescens, Pocillaria cantagallensis, Pocillaria canthagallensis, Pocillaria cantharelloides, Pocillaria carbonaria, Pocillaria cartilaginea, Pocillaria catervaria, Pocillaria chaetoloma, Pocillaria chaetophora, Pocillaria chama, Pocillaria chrysopepla, Pocillaria ciliata, Pocillaria cinnabarina, Pocillaria cinnamomea, Pocillaria cirrhosa, Pocillaria cladopus, Pocillaria coadunata, Pocillaria cochlearis, Pocillaria cochleata, Pocillaria coelopus, Pocillaria colensoi, Pocillaria columbiensis, Pocillaria compressa, Pocillaria concava, Pocillaria conchata, Pocillaria connata, Pocillaria contigua, Pocillaria contorta, Pocillaria copulata, Pocillaria coriacea, Pocillaria cornucopioides, Pocillaria crassipes, Pocillaria crassiuscula, Pocillaria cretacea, Pocillaria crinita, Pocillaria crinita, Pocillaria cryptarum, Pocillaria cubae, Pocillaria cubensis, Pocillaria cuneata, Pocillaria curreyana, Pocillaria curtisii, Pocillaria cyathiformis, Pocillaria cyathus, Pocillaria dactyliophora, Pocillaria dactylophora, Pocillaria dealbata, Pocillaria decaisneana, Pocillaria degenera, Pocillaria degeneris, Pocillaria delastrei, Pocillaria denticulata, Pocillaria descendens, Pocillaria detonsa, Pocillaria dichotoma, Pocillaria divisa, Pocillaria djamor, Pocillaria dorsalis, Pocillaria dunalii, Pocillaria echinopus, Pocillaria essequeboensis, Pocillaria estriata, Pocillaria eugramma, Pocillaria exasperata, Pocillaria exilis, Pocillaria eximia, Pocillaria fallax, Pocillaria fasciata, Pocillaria fastuosa, Pocillaria fimbriata, Pocillaria flabelliformis, Pocillaria flabellulum, Pocillaria flaccida, Pocillaria flos, Pocillaria fockei, Pocillaria foetens, Pocillaria friabilis, Pocillaria frieseana, Pocillaria fuliginea, Pocillaria fulva, Pocillaria fulvastra, Pocillaria fumigata, Pocillaria furcata, Pocillaria fuscopurpurea, Pocillaria gallica, Pocillaria gigantea, Pocillaria gippslandicus, Pocillaria glabrata, Pocillaria glandulosa, Pocillaria granulata, Pocillaria guaranitica, Pocillaria guilfoylei, Pocillaria guilleminiana, Pocillaria gymnocephala, Pocillaria haematopus, Pocillaria hepatica, Pocillaria hepatotricha, Pocillaria hirta, Pocillaria holopogonia, Pocillaria hookeriana, Pocillaria hornotina, Pocillaria humescens, Pocillaria hygrometrica, Pocillaria hygrophana, Pocillaria hymenorhiza, Pocillaria hyracina, Pocillaria ianthina, Pocillaria ilicis, Pocillaria illudens, Pocillaria incandescens, Pocillaria inconspicua, Pocillaria infundibuliformis, Pocillaria infundibulum, Pocillaria inocephala, Pocillaria inquinans, Pocillaria inverseconica, Pocillaria irregularis, Pocillaria janthina, Pocillaria javanica, Pocillaria krombholzii, Pocillaria kurziana, Pocillaria lacerophylla, Pocillaria laciniatocrenata, Pocillaria laeviceps, Pocillaria lamyana, Pocillaria lateritia, Pocillaria lateritia, Pocillaria lecomtei, Pocillaria leontopodia, Pocillaria lepidea, Pocillaria leprieurii, Pocillaria leucochroa, Pocillaria leveillei, Pocillaria leviceps, Pocillaria levis, Pocillaria lobata, Pocillaria lunata, Pocillaria maculata, Pocillaria manciniana, Pocillaria manipularis, Pocillaria martianoffiana, Pocillaria melanophylla, Pocillaria micheneri, Pocillaria miquelii, Pocillaria misercula, Pocillaria molliceps, Pocillaria monnardiana, Pocillaria montagnei, Pocillaria multiformis, Pocillaria murrayi, Pocillaria nepalensis, Pocillaria nicaraguensis, Pocillaria nicobarensis, Pocillaria nicotiana, Pocillaria nigripes, Pocillaria novae-zelandiae, Pocillaria obducens, Pocillaria obnubila, Pocillaria obnubilis, Pocillaria ochraceofusca, Pocillaria olivaceoflavida, Pocillaria omphalodes, Pocillaria omphalomorpha, Pocillaria operculata, Pocillaria pallida, Pocillaria palmeri, Pocillaria papillata, Pocillaria paraguayensis, Pocillaria parvula, Pocillaria patellaris, Pocillaria patula, Pocillaria pectinata, Pocillaria pelliculosa, Pocillaria percomis, Pocillaria perelegans, Pocillaria pergamenea, Pocillaria polychroa, Pocillaria praerigida, Pocillaria princeps, Pocillaria proboscidea, Pocillaria proxima, Pocillaria pterygodes, Pocillaria pulverulenta, Pocillaria pulvinula, Pocillaria punctaticeps, Pocillaria pycnotica, Pocillaria pygmaea, Pocillaria pyramidata, Pocillaria quaquaversa, Pocillaria queletii, Pocillaria radicans, Pocillaria radicata, Pocillaria ravenelii, Pocillaria reflexa, Pocillaria reniformis, Pocillaria resinacea, Pocillaria reticulata, Pocillaria revelata, Pocillaria rigidula, Pocillaria ringens, Pocillaria rivulosa, Pocillaria robinsonii, Pocillaria rubicunda, Pocillaria rudis, Pocillaria saccharina, Pocillaria sajor-caju, Pocillaria salicina, Pocillaria schizophylloides, Pocillaria schnyderi, Pocillaria schomburgkii, Pocillaria schultzii, Pocillaria schurii, Pocillaria scleropus, Pocillaria scotica, Pocillaria setigera, Pocillaria similans, Pocillaria similis, Pocillaria siparia, Pocillaria sitanea, Pocillaria sparsibarbis, Pocillaria spegazzinii, Pocillaria spraguei, Pocillaria sprucei, Pocillaria squarrosula, Pocillaria stenophylla, Pocillaria stevensonii, Pocillaria stiptica, Pocillaria striatula, Pocillaria strigella, Pocillaria strigosa, Pocillaria stupea, Pocillaria stuppea, Pocillaria suavissima, Pocillaria subcervina, Pocillaria subdulcis, Pocillaria submembranacea, Pocillaria subnuda, Pocillaria suborbicularis, Pocillaria subtilis, Pocillaria subtomentosa, Pocillaria subtorulosa, Pocillaria suffrutescens, Pocillaria sulcata, Pocillaria sullivantii, Pocillaria tahitensis, Pocillaria tanghiniae, Pocillaria tenera, Pocillaria tenuissima, Pocillaria tephroleuca, Pocillaria tigrina, Pocillaria torulosa, Pocillaria tricholoma, Pocillaria troglodytes, Pocillaria tuber-regium, Pocillaria umbellata, Pocillaria umbilicata, Pocillaria umbrina, Pocillaria urnula, Pocillaria ursina, Pocillaria vaporaria, Pocillaria velata, Pocillaria vellerea, Pocillaria velutina, Pocillaria verae-crucis, Pocillaria veraecrucis, Pocillaria verrucosa, Pocillaria vestida, Pocillaria villosa, Pocillaria violaceofulva, Pocillaria viscida, Pocillaria viscidula, Pocillaria wilkesii, Pocillaria woodii, Pocillaria wrightii, Pocillaria xylopodia, Pocillaria zelandica, Pocillaria zelandicus, Pocillaria zeyheri, Pocillaria zonata, Pocillaria zonifera
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