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General information

 Summary:Gymnopus (Pers.) Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 627 (1821) [MB#17703] 
 Synonymy:=Dictyoploca Monagne ex Pat., Bull. Soc. mycol. Fr.: 21 (1890) [MB#17509] 
 MycoBank #:17703 
 Authors:(Persoon) Gray 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Pers.) Gray 
 Page #:627 
 Year of effective publication:1821 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
371 Associated records (click to hide):
Gymnopus acervatus, Gymnopus agricola, Gymnopus albidulus, Gymnopus albidus, Gymnopus albipes, Gymnopus albipilatus, Gymnopus albistrictus, Gymnopus albogriseus, Gymnopus albuminosus, Gymnopus albus, Gymnopus albus, Gymnopus alcalinolens, Gymnopus alkalivirens, Gymnopus allegreti, Gymnopus allegretii, Gymnopus alliaceus, Gymnopus alnicola, Gymnopus alnicolus, Gymnopus alnicolus, Gymnopus alpicola, Gymnopus alpinus, Gymnopus altrigilvus, Gymnopus amarus, Gymnopus amygdalisporus, Gymnopus androsaceus, Gymnopus androsaceus, Gymnopus aporpohyphes, Gymnopus aquosus, Gymnopus asetosus, Gymnopus atlanticus, Gymnopus atratoides, Gymnopus atratus, Gymnopus atriceps, Gymnopus atrigilvus, Gymnopus atroviolaceus, Gymnopus aurantiacus, Gymnopus aurantiipes, Gymnopus austrosemihirtipes, Gymnopus avellaneidiscus, Gymnopus avellaneigriseus, Gymnopus bactrosporus, Gymnopus badiialbus, Gymnopus badipus, Gymnopus barbipes, Gymnopus bazugensis, Gymnopus beltraniae, Gymnopus benoistii, Gymnopus bicolor, Gymnopus biformis, Gymnopus billbowesii, Gymnopus bisporiger, Gymnopus bisporus, Gymnopus boryanus, Gymnopus brassicolens, Gymnopus brevipes, Gymnopus brevistipitatus, Gymnopus brunneigracilis, Gymnopus brunnescens, Gymnopus bulliformis, Gymnopus butyraceus-trichopus, Gymnopus campinaranae, Gymnopus carnosus, Gymnopus caryophilus, Gymnopus castaneidiscus, Gymnopus castaneus, Gymnopus catalonicus, Gymnopus ceraceicola, Gymnopus ceraceus, Gymnopus cervinicolor, Gymnopus cervinus, Gymnopus chalybeus, Gymnopus chrysopeplus, Gymnopus cinchonensis, Gymnopus cockaynei, Gymnopus collinus, Gymnopus collybioides, Gymnopus compressus, Gymnopus confluens, Gymnopus coniceps, Gymnopus conigenoides, Gymnopus contrarius, Gymnopus coracicolor, Gymnopus cremeimellus, Gymnopus cremeostipitatus, Gymnopus cremoraceus, Gymnopus cyanocephalus, Gymnopus cylindricus, Gymnopus delicatellus, Gymnopus densifolius, Gymnopus densilamellatus, Gymnopus dentatus, Gymnopus denticulatus, Gymnopus detersibilis, Gymnopus dichrous, Gymnopus diminutus, Gymnopus discipes, Gymnopus disjunctus, Gymnopus domesticus, Gymnopus druceae, Gymnopus dryophilus, Gymnopus dysodes, Gymnopus dysosmus, Gymnopus earleae, Gymnopus eatonae, Gymnopus eburneus, Gymnopus ellisii, Gymnopus eneficola, Gymnopus erythropus, Gymnopus exculptus, Gymnopus expallens, Gymnopus exsculptus, Gymnopus exsculptus, Gymnopus fagiphilus, Gymnopus familia, Gymnopus farinaceus, Gymnopus fasciatus, Gymnopus fertilis, Gymnopus fibrosipes, Gymnopus fimetarius, Gymnopus flavescens, Gymnopus floridanus, Gymnopus foetidus, Gymnopus foetidus, Gymnopus foliiphilus, Gymnopus fragillior, Gymnopus fragillior, Gymnopus fuegianus, Gymnopus fuliginellus, Gymnopus fulvidiscus, Gymnopus fulvipes, Gymnopus funalis, Gymnopus fuscolilacinus, Gymnopus fuscopurpureus, Gymnopus fuscotramus, Gymnopus fusipes, Gymnopus geophilus, Gymnopus geophyllus, Gymnopus gibbosus, Gymnopus glabrocystidiatus, Gymnopus glabrosipes, Gymnopus glatfelteri, Gymnopus graveolens, Gymnopus graveolens, Gymnopus griseifolius, Gymnopus hakaroa, Gymnopus hariolorum, Gymnopus herinkii, Gymnopus hirtelloides, Gymnopus hirtellus, Gymnopus hondurensis, Gymnopus huijsmanii, Gymnopus hybridus, Gymnopus hygrophoroides, Gymnopus ignobilis, Gymnopus imbricatus, Gymnopus impudicus, Gymnopus incarnatus, Gymnopus indoctoides, Gymnopus indoctus, Gymnopus inexpectatus, Gymnopus inodorus, Gymnopus inusitatus, Gymnopus iocephalus, Gymnopus irresolutus, Gymnopus jamaicense, Gymnopus jamaicensis, Gymnopus johnstonii, Gymnopus juniperinus, Gymnopus junquilleus, Gymnopus kauffmanii, Gymnopus kidsoniae, Gymnopus kidsonii, Gymnopus lachnophyllus, Gymnopus lanipes, Gymnopus lentinoides, Gymnopus lilacinus, Gymnopus limacinus, Gymnopus lodgeae, Gymnopus loiseleurietorum, Gymnopus ludovicianus, Gymnopus luridus, Gymnopus luxurians, Gymnopus macropus, Gymnopus mammillatus, Gymnopus marasmiiformis, Gymnopus maurus, Gymnopus melanopus, Gymnopus meleagris, Gymnopus menehune, Gymnopus mesoamericanus, Gymnopus microcarpus, Gymnopus micromphaleoides, Gymnopus micromphaloides, Gymnopus microspermus, Gymnopus microsporus, Gymnopus montagnei, Gymnopus monticola, Gymnopus moseri, Gymnopus mucubajiensis, Gymnopus musicola, Gymnopus mustachius, Gymnopus myomyces, Gymnopus nebularis, Gymnopus neobrevipes, Gymnopus neotropicus, Gymnopus nidus-avis, Gymnopus nigrita, Gymnopus nigritiformis, Gymnopus nigrodiscus, Gymnopus nigroimplicatus, Gymnopus nivalis, Gymnopus nivalis, Gymnopus nonnullus, Gymnopus nubicola, Gymnopus obesus, Gymnopus obscuroides, Gymnopus ocellus, Gymnopus ocior, Gymnopus oculatus, Gymnopus oculus, Gymnopus odorus, Gymnopus omphalina, Gymnopus omphalodes, Gymnopus oncospermatis, Gymnopus opacus, Gymnopus oreadoides, Gymnopus orizabensis, Gymnopus pacificus, Gymnopus pallidus, Gymnopus palmarum, Gymnopus parasiticus, Gymnopus parvulus, Gymnopus perforans, Gymnopus peronatus, Gymnopus phyllogenus, Gymnopus physcopodius, Gymnopus piceipes, Gymnopus pilipes, Gymnopus pilularius, Gymnopus pinophilus, Gymnopus platyphyllus, Gymnopus pleurocystidiatus, Gymnopus plumosus, Gymnopus polygrammus, Gymnopus polyphyllus, Gymnopus ponderosae, Gymnopus portoricensis, Gymnopus potassiovirescens, Gymnopus praemultifolius, Gymnopus pratensis, Gymnopus pratensis var. pratensis, Gymnopus pratensis β vitulinus, Gymnopus pseudo-omphalodes, Gymnopus pseudolodgeae, Gymnopus pseudoluxurians, Gymnopus pseudomphalodes, Gymnopus pubipes, Gymnopus pudens, Gymnopus purpureicollus, Gymnopus purus, Gymnopus purus β purpureus, Gymnopus putillus, Gymnopus pygmaeus, Gymnopus pyracanthoides, Gymnopus pyrenaeicus, Gymnopus quercophilus, Gymnopus quinaultii, Gymnopus radicatus, Gymnopus ramealis, Gymnopus ramealis, Gymnopus ramulicola, Gymnopus readiae, Gymnopus readii, Gymnopus reflexus, Gymnopus rhizomorphicola, Gymnopus rigidichorda, Gymnopus rigidichordus, Gymnopus rimosus, Gymnopus rodhallii, Gymnopus roseilividus, Gymnopus rugosoceps, Gymnopus russula, Gymnopus rutilans, Gymnopus salakensis, Gymnopus scorodonius, Gymnopus sect. Androsacei, Gymnopus sect. Gymnopus, Gymnopus sect. Impudicae, Gymnopus sect. Impudici, Gymnopus sect. Iocephalae, Gymnopus sect. Laevipedes, Gymnopus sect. Perforantia, Gymnopus sect. Vestipedes, Gymnopus semihirtipes, Gymnopus sepiiconicus, Gymnopus sequoiae, Gymnopus setulosus, Gymnopus similis, Gymnopus sinuatus, Gymnopus sphaerosporus, Gymnopus spissus, Gymnopus spongiosus, Gymnopus spongiosus, Gymnopus squamiger, Gymnopus stenophyllus, Gymnopus striatipes, Gymnopus strictipes, Gymnopus subabundans, Gymnopus subagricola, Gymnopus subaquosus, Gymnopus subavellaneus, Gymnopus subconiceps, Gymnopus subcyathiformis, Gymnopus subflavescens, Gymnopus subflavifolius, Gymnopus subfunicularia, Gymnopus subfunicularis, Gymnopus sublaccatus, Gymnopus sublatericius, Gymnopus subluxurians, Gymnopus subnivulosus, Gymnopus subnudus, Gymnopus subpruinosus, Gymnopus subrigidichorda, Gymnopus subrigidichordus, Gymnopus subrugosus, Gymnopus subsect. Alkalivirentes, Gymnopus subsect. Gymnopus, Gymnopus subsect. Impudici, Gymnopus subsect. Perforantia, Gymnopus subsect. Perforantia, Gymnopus subsect. Peronati, Gymnopus subsect. Pinophili, Gymnopus subsulphureus, Gymnopus subsupinus, Gymnopus subterginus, Gymnopus subtortipes, Gymnopus sulphureus, Gymnopus talisiae, Gymnopus tamatavae, Gymnopus tamblinganensis, Gymnopus tenuifolius, Gymnopus tenuipes, Gymnopus terginus, Gymnopus termiticola, Gymnopus texensis, Gymnopus thiersii, Gymnopus tomentellus, Gymnopus tortipes, Gymnopus trabzonensis, Gymnopus tricholoma, Gymnopus trogioides, Gymnopus trullisatus, Gymnopus tuberosus, Gymnopus ugandensis, Gymnopus umbonatus, Gymnopus unakensis, Gymnopus uniformis, Gymnopus variicolor, Gymnopus velutipes, Gymnopus vernus, Gymnopus villosipes, Gymnopus vinaceus, Gymnopus virescens, Gymnopus virginianus, Gymnopus viridis, Gymnopus vitellinipes, Gymnopus volkertii, Gymnopus westii, Gymnopus xuchilensis, Gymnopus xuchiliensis
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 Type of organism:? 

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