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General information

 Summary:Erysibe Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 211 (1833) [MB#16126] 
 Synonymy:≡Erysiphe R. Hedw. ex DC., Flore française 2: 272 (1805) [MB#1898]
≡Alphitomorpha Wallr., Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin 1 (1): 31 (1819) [MB#148]
=Erysiphe R. Hedw. ex DC., Flore française 2: 272 (1805) [MB#1898]
=Uncinula Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 15: 151 (1851) [MB#5671]
=Calocladia Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 15: 154 (1851) [MB#744]
=Tigria Trevis., Spighe e Paglie: 22 (1853) [MB#5480]
=Erysiphella Peck, Annual Report on the New York State Museum of Natural History 28: 63 (1876) [MB#1899]
=Uncinulella Hara (1936) [MB#5788]
=Orthochaeta Sawada, Report of the Department of Agriculture Government Research Institute of Formosa 85: 22 (1943) [MB#3640]
=Linkomyces Golovin, Sborn. rabot. Inst. Prikl. zool. fitopatol.: 127 (1958) [MB#2880]
=Ischnochaeta Sawada (1959) [MB#2509]
=Salmonomyces Chidd., Sydowia 13 (1-6): 55 (1959) [MB#4832]
=Medusosphaera Golovin & Gamalizk., Chung-kuo Ti Chen-chun [Fungi of China]: 91 (1962) [MB#3039]
=Bulbouncinula R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen, Acta microbiol. sin.: 376 (1979) [MB#681]
=Uncinuliella R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen, Acta microbiol. sin.: 283 (1979) [MB#5672]
=Furcouncinula Z.X. Chen, Acta Mycologica Sinica 1 (1): 10 (1982) [MB#2021]
=Setoerysiphe Y. Nomura, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan: 163 (1984) [MB#25667]
=Bulbomicrosphaera A.Q. Wang, Acta Mycol. Sin.: 74 (1987) [MB#25159]
 MycoBank #:16126 
 Orthographic variant of:
 Authors (abbreviated):Wallr. 
 Page #:211 
 Year of effective publication:1833 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Orthographic variant 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
132 Associated records (click to hide):
Erysibe abnormis, Erysibe aecidiiformis, Erysibe alchemillae, Erysibe andreaeacearum, Erysibe antherarum, Erysibe appendiculata, Erysibe appendiculata var. alliorum, Erysibe appendiculata var. appendiculata, Erysibe appendiculata var. arenariae, Erysibe areolata, Erysibe arillata, Erysibe arillata α ranunculacearum, Erysibe arillata β violarum, Erysibe armeriae, Erysibe baccata, Erysibe betulina, Erysibe biocellata, Erysibe capraearum, Erysibe caprearum, Erysibe cerealium, Erysibe chroolepidis, Erysibe chrysoides, Erysibe cinnamomea, Erysibe cinnamomea var. betarum, Erysibe cinnamomea var. cinnamomea, Erysibe cinnamomea var. polygonorum, Erysibe cinnamomea var. rumicum, Erysibe cinnamomea var. violarum, Erysibe circinalis, Erysibe confluens, Erysibe coryli, Erysibe cylindrica, Erysibe empetri, Erysibe epitea, Erysibe filicum, Erysibe floccosa, Erysibe flosculosorum, Erysibe foetida, Erysibe formosa, Erysibe fulva, Erysibe gyrosa, Erysibe helioscopiae, Erysibe hypericorum, Erysibe hypodytes, Erysibe insculpta, Erysibe insculpta var. insculpta, Erysibe insculpta var. sempervivorum, Erysibe labiatarum, Erysibe ledi, Erysibe lenticularis d carpini, Erysibe lenticularis d. carpini, Erysibe limbata, Erysibe linearis, Erysibe lini, Erysibe longissima, Erysibe mammillaris, Erysibe mammillaris var. aristolochiae, Erysibe mammillaris var. mammillaris, Erysibe mammillaris var. soldanellae, Erysibe maydis, Erysibe miniata, Erysibe miniata var. miniata, Erysibe miniata var. rosarum, Erysibe mixta, Erysibe muracella, Erysibe muricella, Erysibe nitida, Erysibe nitida var. chaerophylli, Erysibe nitida var. galii, Erysibe nitida var. nitida, Erysibe oblongata, Erysibe occulta, Erysibe occulta α secales, Erysibe olivacea, Erysibe orbicularis, Erysibe pachypus, Erysibe panicorum, Erysibe panicorum β panici-miliacei, Erysibe phosphorea, Erysibe polymorpha, Erysibe polymorpha var. potentillarum, Erysibe polymorpha var. saxifragarum, Erysibe populi, Erysibe poterii, Erysibe pulsatillae, Erysibe pulsatille, Erysibe pustulata, Erysibe pustulata var. caryophyllacearum, Erysibe pustulata var. epilobiorum, Erysibe pustulata var. pustulata, Erysibe pustulata var. vacciniorum, Erysibe pustulata var. vincae, Erysibe quadrata, Erysibe receptaculorum, Erysibe receptaculorum α tragopogonis, Erysibe rhinanthacearum, Erysibe rhododendri, Erysibe rosae, Erysibe rostellata, Erysibe rostellata var. euphorbiarum, Erysibe rostellata var. ficariae, Erysibe rostellata var. lilii, Erysibe rostellata var. phyteumatis, Erysibe ruborum, Erysibe senecionis, Erysibe silenes, Erysibe sowerbii, Erysibe sphaerica, Erysibe sphaerica var. caryophyllacearum, Erysibe sphaerica α cruciferarum, Erysibe sphaerica γ compositarum, Erysibe sphaerococca, Erysibe sphaerococca α agrostidis, Erysibe suaveolens, Erysibe subterranea, Erysibe subterranea α solani-tuberosi, Erysibe subterranea β helianthi-tuberosi, Erysibe subterranea γ stachyos-palustris, Erysibe subterranea δ ranunculi-ficariae, Erysibe suffulta, Erysibe symphyti, Erysibe tremellosa, Erysibe typhoides, Erysibe utriculosa, Erysibe vagans, Erysibe variolosa, Erysibe vera, Erysibe vera α hordei, Erysibe vera β tritici, Erysibe vera γ avenae, Erysibe vitellinae, Erysibe volvata
 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 



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