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General information

 Summary:Arcyria Hill ex F.H. Wigg., Primitiae Florae Holsaticae: 109 (1780) [MB#12016] 
 Synonymy:=Clathroides P. Micheli, Nova Plantarum Genera: 214, t. 94 (1729) [MB#12042]
=Nassula Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 456 (1849) [MB#12158]
=Arcyria subgen. Arcyrella Rostaf., Sluzowce Monografia: 275 (1875) [MB#700071]
=Heterotrichia Massee, A Monograph of the Myxogastres: 139 (1892) [MB#12103]
 MycoBank #:12016 
 Authors:Hill ex F.H. Wiggers
 Authors (abbreviated):Hill ex F.H. Wigg.
 Page #:109
 Year of effective publication:1780
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
162 Associated records (click to hide):
Arcyria abietina, Arcyria adnata, Arcyria affinis, Arcyria afroalpina, Arcyria aggregata, Arcyria albida, Arcyria albipes, Arcyria alutacea, Arcyria annulata, Arcyria annulifera, Arcyria anulifera, Arcyria assamica, Arcyria atra, Arcyria aurantiaca, Arcyria aureoglobosa, Arcyria bicolor, Arcyria biniensis, Arcyria bonariensis, Arcyria brooksea, Arcyria brooksii, Arcyria brunnea, Arcyria bucknallii, Arcyria bulbosa, Arcyria carletae, Arcyria carnea, Arcyria carnea, Arcyria carnea, Arcyria cerradensis, Arcyria chrysospora, Arcyria cincta, Arcyria cinerea, Arcyria cinerea, Arcyria cinnamomea, Arcyria circinans, Arcyria clathroides, Arcyria clavata, Arcyria clavata, Arcyria coccinea, Arcyria colloderma, Arcyria congesta, Arcyria congestus, Arcyria conjugata, Arcyria cookei, Arcyria corymbosa, Arcyria cylindrica, Arcyria decipiens, Arcyria decipiens, Arcyria decipiens, Arcyria dentata, Arcyria denudata, Arcyria denudata, Arcyria dictyonema, Arcyria digitata, Arcyria elaterensis, Arcyria elongata, Arcyria exigua, Arcyria fasciculata, Arcyria ferruginea, Arcyria ferruginea, Arcyria flava, Arcyria flavescens, Arcyria flexuosa, Arcyria fonsecai, Arcyria forstneri, Arcyria friesii, Arcyria fuegiana, Arcyria fulgens, Arcyria fuliginea, Arcyria fusca, Arcyria galericulata, Arcyria glauca, Arcyria globosa, Arcyria globosa, Arcyria glomerata, Arcyria gongyloida, Arcyria gulielmae, Arcyria hariotii, Arcyria helvetica, Arcyria hemisphaerica, Arcyria imperialis, Arcyria imperialis, Arcyria incarnata, Arcyria inermis, Arcyria insignis, Arcyria intricata, Arcyria irregularis, Arcyria karstenii, Arcyria lateritia, Arcyria leiocarpa, Arcyria leiocarpa, Arcyria leprieurii, Arcyria leucocephala, Arcyria lilacina, Arcyria lilacina, Arcyria lutea, Arcyria macrospora, Arcyria magna, Arcyria major, Arcyria marginoundulata, Arcyria melanocephala, Arcyria melanopeziza, Arcyria minor, Arcyria minor, Arcyria minuta, Arcyria monticola, Arcyria nepalensis, Arcyria nigella, Arcyria nutans, Arcyria obvelata, Arcyria occidentalis, Arcyria ochroleuca, Arcyria oerstedii, Arcyria oerstedtioides, Arcyria olivacea, Arcyria olivaceoglobosa, Arcyria ornata, Arcyria pallida, Arcyria papila, Arcyria papilla, Arcyria pausiaca, Arcyria pedicula, Arcyria poeltii, Arcyria pomiformis, Arcyria pseudodenudata, Arcyria punicea, Arcyria punicea, Arcyria pyriformis, Arcyria raciborskii, Arcyria ramulosa, Arcyria riparia, Arcyria rubiformis, Arcyria rubrobrunnea, Arcyria rufa, Arcyria rufosa, Arcyria serpula, Arcyria serpula, Arcyria sessilis, Arcyria silacea, Arcyria similis, Arcyria stellfeldii, Arcyria stipata, Arcyria stipitata, Arcyria straminea, Arcyria stricta, Arcyria subgen. Arcyrella, Arcyria subgen. Arcyria, Arcyria subgen. Lachnobolus, Arcyria sulcata, Arcyria tenuis, Arcyria trichioides, Arcyria trichioides, Arcyria turbinata, Arcyria umbrina, Arcyria var. vermicularis, Arcyria vermicularis, Arcyria vernicosa, Arcyria verrucosituba, Arcyria versicolor, Arcyria virescens, Arcyria viridis, Arcyria vitellina, Arcyria winteri
 Type name:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 

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