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General information

 Summary:Calycina Nees ex Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 669 (1821) [MB#770] 
 Synonymy:=Cystopezizella Svrcek, Ceská Mykologie 37 (2): 67 (1983) [MB#25797] 
 MycoBank #:770 
 Authors:Nees ex Gray
 Authors (abbreviated):Nees ex Gray
 Page #:669
 Year of effective publication:1821

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Calycina agaricicola, Calycina aglaeospora, Calycina agyriodes, Calycina agyrioides, Calycina albida, Calycina albumina, Calycina albuminea, Calycina albuminum, Calycina alniella, Calycina alstrupii, Calycina alutacea, Calycina amoena, Calycina antarctica, Calycina aurantiaca, Calycina aurea, Calycina aureola, Calycina badia, Calycina blechni, Calycina bolaris, Calycina boudieri, Calycina brassicicola, Calycina brevisporia, Calycina bryogena, Calycina buccina, Calycina buccinula, Calycina calloriodes, Calycina callorioides, Calycina camerunensis, Calycina campanuliformis, Calycina carnea, Calycina castanea, Calycina chionea, Calycina chlorospleniodes, Calycina chlorosplenioides, Calycina citrina, Calycina citrinicolor, Calycina clariflava, Calycina claroflava, Calycina clavicularis, Calycina collina, Calycina complanata, Calycina confluens, Calycina conformata, Calycina conigena, Calycina conistea, Calycina conorum, Calycina conscripta, Calycina coracina, Calycina crocina, Calycina cruentata, Calycina cyathodes, Calycina cyathoides, Calycina dactylidis, Calycina dennisii, Calycina discedens, Calycina disciforme, Calycina discolor, Calycina discreta, Calycina doliolum, Calycina drosodes, Calycina eburnea, Calycina ellisii, Calycina epiphylla, Calycina episphaerica, Calycina equisetina, Calycina erythropus, Calycina fergussonii, Calycina ferruginea, Calycina fibuliformis, Calycina filicicola, Calycina fimetaria, Calycina firma, Calycina flava, Calycina flavovirens, Calycina flavoviridis, Calycina flexuosa, Calycina foliicola, Calycina fraterna, Calycina friesii, Calycina fuegiana, Calycina fumigata, Calycina fumosa, Calycina fungiformis, Calycina furfuracea, Calycina fuscobrunnea, Calycina fusispora, Calycina gemmarum, Calycina geogena, Calycina graminea, Calycina grata, Calycina gregaria, Calycina guernisaci, Calycina guernisacii, Calycina gyalectodes, Calycina gyalectoides, Calycina hariotii, Calycina helodina, Calycina henningsii, Calycina herbarum, Calycina herbicola, Calycina hongkongensis, Calycina humilis, Calycina humuli, Calycina hyalopes, Calycina hyalopus, Calycina hydrogena, Calycina hypocrita, Calycina hysteriodes, Calycina hysterioides, Calycina ilicis, Calycina imberbis, Calycina immarginata, Calycina immutabilis, Calycina indeprensum, Calycina infarciens, Calycina inocarpi, Calycina insititia, Calycina iridis, Calycina italica, Calycina kermesina, Calycina krascheninikovii, Calycina kunzei, Calycina laburni, Calycina lactea, Calycina laeta, Calycina languida, Calycina lens, Calycina lenta, Calycina lenticularis, Calycina leucopus, Calycina libertiana, Calycina limonium, Calycina livida, Calycina lutescens, Calycina macrospora, Calycina macrospora, Calycina macrosporia, Calycina maculosa, Calycina marchantiae, Calycina marina, Calycina maritima, Calycina melastoma, Calycina melleum, Calycina microscopica, Calycina microsperma, Calycina misera, Calycina montaniensis, Calycina montellica, Calycina monticola, Calycina mougeotii, Calycina mycetophylla, Calycina naviculispora, Calycina neesii, Calycina nemorosa, Calycina nigrescens, Calycina nigripes, Calycina nivea, Calycina nuda, Calycina ochracea, Calycina ostruthii, Calycina ovalipilosa, Calycina pallescens, Calycina pallidula, Calycina palustris, Calycina parilis, Calycina pateriformis, Calycina perpusilla, Calycina persoonii, Calycina petiolorum, Calycina pezizodea, Calycina phacidiodes, Calycina phacidioides, Calycina phascodes, Calycina phascoides, Calycina phiala, Calycina phormia, Calycina phyllophila, Calycina pileata, Calycina pinea, Calycina platypus, Calycina polita, Calycina polytricola, Calycina populina, Calycina procera, Calycina propinqua, Calycina pullata, Calycina purpurata, Calycina querceti, Calycina repanda, Calycina rhizogena, Calycina rhizophila, Calycina rhytidodes, Calycina robustior, Calycina roseorubra, Calycina rubens, Calycina rubescens, Calycina rufescens, Calycina rufocarnea, Calycina salicella, Calycina sambucina, Calycina saprophylla, Calycina sarmentorum, Calycina schenckii, Calycina sclerotiodes, Calycina sclerotioides, Calycina scolochloae, Calycina scoparia, Calycina scutellata, Calycina sepium, Calycina similis, Calycina sommierana, Calycina sordida, Calycina spadiceoatra, Calycina spathicola, Calycina sphaerophorodes, Calycina sphaerophoroides, Calycina sphagnorum, Calycina spicarum, Calycina stelleri, Calycina stigmaion, Calycina stygmaea, Calycina subcarnea, Calycina subcitrina, Calycina sublateritia, Calycina sublenticularis, Calycina subolivacea, Calycina subsessilis, Calycina subtilis, Calycina sulfuratum, Calycina sulfurella, Calycina sulfurina, Calycina sulphurata, Calycina tenerrima, Calycina titubans, Calycina trabinella, Calycina tristis, Calycina turgidella, Calycina ucrainica, Calycina uliginosa, Calycina vaccinea, Calycina vasaensis, Calycina venceslai, Calycina venezueliana, Calycina vitigena, Calycina vulgaris
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