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General information

 Summary:Clathrus P. Micheli ex L., Species Plantarum: 1179 (1753) [MB#19069] 
 Synonymy:=Cletria P. Browne, Civil and natural history of Jamaica: 78 (1756) [MB#19074]
=Colonnaria Raf., Med. Repos., ser. 2: 355 (1808) [MB#19075]
=Dycticia Raf.: 355 (1808) [MB#19109]
=Aserophallus Lepr. & Mont., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 4: 360 (1845) [MB#19025]
=Anthurus Kalchbr. & MacOwan, Grevillea 9 (49): 2 (1880) [MB#19015]
=Stephanophallus MacOwan, Ertekezések a Természettudományi Köréböl Magyar Tudományos Akadémia 10 (14): 23 (1880) [MB#19329]
=Clathrella E. Fisch., Nat. Pflanzenfamilien: 284 (1898) [MB#19067]
=Linderia G. Cunn., Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 56: 192 (1931) [MB#19197]
=Linderiella G. Cunn., New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology 23B: 171 (1942) [MB#19198]
 MycoBank #:19069 
 Authors:P. Micheli ex Linnaeus
 Authors (abbreviated):P. Micheli ex L.
 Page #:1179
 Year of publication:1753
 Sanctioning ref.:SF:241 
 Sanctioned by:Pers. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
91 Associated records (click to hide):
Clathrus acuminatus, Clathrus adnatus, Clathrus affinis, Clathrus albidus, Clathrus albus, Clathrus americanus, Clathrus angolensis, Clathrus archeri, Clathrus argentinus, Clathrus ater, Clathrus australis, Clathrus baumii, Clathrus berkeleyi, Clathrus bicolumnatus, Clathrus brasiliensis, Clathrus cameroensis, Clathrus camerunensis, Clathrus campana, Clathrus cancellatus, Clathrus cancellatus, Clathrus cancellatus, Clathrus cancellatus, Clathrus cancellatus a berkelei, Clathrus chrysomycelinus, Clathrus chrysomycelinus f. chrysomycelinus, Clathrus cibarius, Clathrus cibarius var. fayodii, Clathrus cinereus, Clathrus colonnarius, Clathrus colonnatus, Clathrus columnatus, Clathrus crispatus, Clathrus crispus, Clathrus crispus var. obovatus, Clathrus cristatus, Clathrus delicatus, Clathrus denudatus, Clathrus fischeri, Clathrus flavescens, Clathrus flavescens, Clathrus flavus, Clathrus fulvus, Clathrus fulvus, Clathrus gracilis, Clathrus guttatus, Clathrus hainanensis, Clathrus higginsii, Clathrus hirudinosus, Clathrus hydriensis, Clathrus intermedius, Clathrus kusanoi, Clathrus madagascariensis, Clathrus mauritianus, Clathrus mexicanus, Clathrus natalensis, Clathrus nicaeensis, Clathrus nudus, Clathrus nudus, Clathrus nudus, Clathrus oahuensis, Clathrus olivaceus, Clathrus parvulus, Clathrus pedatus, Clathrus pedicellatus, Clathrus pediculatus, Clathrus pedunculatus, Clathrus pertusus, Clathrus preussii, Clathrus pseudocancellatus, Clathrus pseudocrispus, Clathrus pusillus, Clathrus ramosus, Clathrus recutitus, Clathrus roseovolvatus, Clathrus ruber, Clathrus spegazzinii, Clathrus sphaerocephalus, Clathrus sphaerocephalus, Clathrus sulphureus, Clathrus tepperianus, Clathrus transvaalensis, Clathrus treubii, Clathrus trilobatus, Clathrus triscapus, Clathrus triscapus, Clathrus turbinatum, Clathrus turbinatus, Clathrus turbinatus, Clathrus virescens, Clathrus volvaceus, Clathrus xiningensis
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