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General information

 Summary:Cronartium Fr., Observationes mycologicae 1: 220 (1815) [MB#16078] 
 MycoBank #:16078 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:220 
 Year of effective publication:1815 
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Cronartium aleanum, Cronartium andina, Cronartium andinum, Cronartium antidesmae-dioicae, Cronartium antidesmatis-dioicae, Cronartium appalachianum, Cronartium arizonicum, Cronartium asclepiadeum, Cronartium asclepiadeum var. quercium, Cronartium balsaminae, Cronartium bethelii, Cronartium bresadolanum, Cronartium bresadoleanum, Cronartium byrsonimae, Cronartium byrsonimatis, Cronartium capparidis, Cronartium capparis, Cronartium cerebrum, Cronartium coleosporioides, Cronartium comandrae, Cronartium comptoniae, Cronartium conigenum, Cronartium delawayi, Cronartium egenula, Cronartium egenulum, Cronartium eupatorinum, Cronartium eupatorium, Cronartium euphrasiae, Cronartium fici, Cronartium filamentosum, Cronartium flaccidum, Cronartium flaccidum f.sp. flaccidum, Cronartium fusiforme, Cronartium fusiforme, Cronartium gentianeum, Cronartium gilgianum, Cronartium gramineum, Cronartium harknessii, Cronartium himalayense, Cronartium hystrix, Cronartium jacksoniae, Cronartium jacksoniae, Cronartium kamtschaticum, Cronartium kemangae, Cronartium keteleeriae, Cronartium kurilense, Cronartium malloti, Cronartium nemesiae, Cronartium notatum, Cronartium occidentale, Cronartium opheliae, Cronartium orientale, Cronartium paeoniae, Cronartium paraguayense, Cronartium pedicularis, Cronartium peridermii-pini, Cronartium pini, Cronartium poggiolana, Cronartium poggiolanum, Cronartium portoricense, Cronartium praelongum, Cronartium premnae, Cronartium pyriforme, Cronartium quercus, Cronartium quercuum, Cronartium ribicola, Cronartium ribicola, Cronartium ruelliae, Cronartium sahoanum, Cronartium sawadae, Cronartium stalactiforme, Cronartium strobilinum, Cronartium thesii, Cronartium uleanum, Cronartium usneoides, Cronartium verbenae, Cronartium verbenes, Cronartium verruciforme, Cronartium vincetoxici, Cronartium wilsonianum, Cronartium yamabense, Cronartium ziziphi, Cronartium zizyphi
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