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General information

 Summary:Diderma Pers., Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 89 (1794) [MB#12073] 
 Synonymy:=Leangium Link, Magazin der Gesellschaft Naturforschenden Freunde Berlin 3 (1): 26 (1809) [MB#12122]
=Polyschismium Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 5: 20 (1842) [MB#12192]
=Carcerina Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 451 (1849) [MB#12027]
=Chondrioderma Rostaf., Versuch eines Systems der Mycetozoen: 13 (1873) [MB#12035]
=Wilczekia Meyl., Bulletin de la Société Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles 56: 68 (1925) [MB#12256]
 MycoBank #:12073 
 Authors (abbreviated):Pers. 
 Page #:89 
 Year of effective publication:1794 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Diderma acanthosporum, Diderma acuminatum, Diderma affine, Diderma albescens, Diderma album, Diderma alexopouli, Diderma alpinospumarioides, Diderma alpinum, Diderma angulatum, Diderma anomalum, Diderma antarcticola, Diderma antarcticum, Diderma arboreum, Diderma areolatum, Diderma asteroides, Diderma atrovirens, Diderma aurantiacum, Diderma aurantiocolumellatum, Diderma badhamioid, Diderma badhamioides, Diderma badhamiopsis, Diderma berkeleyanum, Diderma boreale, Diderma botryosum, Diderma brooksii, Diderma brunneobasale, Diderma brunneobasalis, Diderma brunneolum, Diderma calcareum, Diderma carmichaelianum, Diderma carneum, Diderma cattiense, Diderma chondrioderma, Diderma chondrioderma, Diderma chondroderma, Diderma cinereum, Diderma cingulatum, Diderma circumdissilens, Diderma circumscissile, Diderma circumscissilis, Diderma citrinum, Diderma compactum, Diderma complanatum, Diderma concavum, Diderma concinnum, Diderma confluens, Diderma conglomeratum, Diderma contextum, Diderma contortum, Diderma cor-rubrum, Diderma corrugatum, Diderma crassipes, Diderma cribrosum, Diderma cristatosporum, Diderma crustaceum, Diderma cubense, Diderma cyanescens, Diderma darjeelingense, Diderma deplanatum, Diderma depressum, Diderma diadematum, Diderma difforme, Diderma difforme, Diderma difforme, Diderma donkii, Diderma effusum, Diderma elegans, Diderma europaeum, Diderma evelinae, Diderma fallax, Diderma farinaceum, Diderma flavidum, Diderma floriforme, Diderma fragile, Diderma friesianum, Diderma frustulosum, Diderma geasterodes, Diderma geasteroides, Diderma gigantocolumellae, Diderma globosum, Diderma globuliferum, Diderma gracile, Diderma gracilis, Diderma granulatum, Diderma hemisphaericum, Diderma hookeri, Diderma imperialis, Diderma indicum, Diderma laciniatum, Diderma lenticulare, Diderma lepidotum, Diderma leptotrichum, Diderma libertianum, Diderma liceoides, Diderma lohgadense, Diderma lucidum, Diderma luteoalbum, Diderma lyallii, Diderma macrosporum, Diderma maculatum, Diderma maria-wilsoniae, Diderma mariae-wilsoni, Diderma mariae-wilsoniae, Diderma marie, Diderma marieae, Diderma melanospermum, Diderma meyerae, Diderma michelii, Diderma microcarpum, Diderma micromegasporum, Diderma microsporum, Diderma miniatum, Diderma minutum, Diderma montanum, Diderma muelleri, Diderma muscicola, Diderma mussooriense, Diderma mutabile, Diderma neesii, Diderma nigrum, Diderma nitens, Diderma nivale, Diderma niveum, Diderma novae-zelandiae, Diderma oblongum, Diderma oblongum, Diderma ochraceum, Diderma ochroleucum, Diderma oerstedtii, Diderma pallidum, Diderma papaverinum, Diderma petaloides, Diderma peyerimhoffii, Diderma pezizodeum, Diderma physarioides, Diderma platycarpum, Diderma pseudotestaceum, Diderma puiggarii, Diderma punense, Diderma punensis, Diderma quitense, Diderma radiatum, Diderma ramosum, Diderma ramosum, Diderma reticulatum, Diderma reticulatum, Diderma reticulosporum, Diderma rimosa, Diderma rimosum, Diderma roanense, Diderma robusta, Diderma robusta, Diderma robustum, Diderma rufipes, Diderma rufostriatum, Diderma rufum, Diderma rugosum, Diderma saundersii, Diderma sauteri, Diderma scabra, Diderma scabrum, Diderma sessile, Diderma sessilis, Diderma similans, Diderma simplex, Diderma sphaeroidale, Diderma spumariaeforme, Diderma spumariiforme, Diderma spumarioides, Diderma spurium, Diderma squamulosum, Diderma stahlii, Diderma stellare, Diderma stellulum, Diderma stipitatum, Diderma stromateum, Diderma subasteroides, Diderma subcaeruleum, Diderma subdictyospermum, Diderma subfloriforme, Diderma subfloriformis, Diderma subincarnatum, Diderma sublateritium, Diderma subviridifuscum, Diderma testaceum, Diderma trevelyani, Diderma trevelyanii, Diderma trichodes, Diderma tussilaginis, Diderma umbilicatum, Diderma vaccinum, Diderma valvatum, Diderma var. parasiticum, Diderma velutinum, Diderma vernicosum, Diderma virgineum, Diderma yucatanense, Diderma zeylanicum, Diderma zeylanicum
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