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General information

 Summary:Endocarpon Hedw., Descriptio et adumbratio microscopico-analytica muscorum frondosorum 2: 56 (1789) [MB#1789] 
 Synonymy:=Rhodocarpon Lönnr., Flora (Regensburg) 41: 617 (1858) [MB#4716]
=Paracarpidium Müll. Arg., Flora (Regensburg) 66 (22): 345 (1883) [MB#3694]
=Endopyreniomyces E.A. Thomas, Beiträge zur Kryptogamenflora der Schweiz 9 (1) (1939) [MB#1806]
 MycoBank #:1789 
 Authors (abbreviated):Hedw. 
 Page #:56 
 Year of effective publication:1789 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Endocarpon adnatum, Endocarpon adscendens, Endocarpon adscendens, Endocarpon adsurgens, Endocarpon aegyptorum, Endocarpon aequinoctiale, Endocarpon alaicum, Endocarpon albatum, Endocarpon albidulum, Endocarpon ambrosianum, Endocarpon americanum, Endocarpon amylaceum, Endocarpon anzianum, Endocarpon aquaticum, Endocarpon arboreum, Endocarpon arboreum, Endocarpon arenarium, Endocarpon areolatum, Endocarpon aridum, Endocarpon arsenii, Endocarpon athallon, Endocarpon atrovirens, Endocarpon attenuatum, Endocarpon baileyi, Endocarpon betularium, Endocarpon cataleptum, Endocarpon cinerascens, Endocarpon cinereofuscescens, Endocarpon cinereorufescens, Endocarpon cinereum, Endocarpon cirsodes, Endocarpon clopimum, Endocarpon compactum, Endocarpon complicatum, Endocarpon contumescens, Endocarpon corniculatum, Endocarpon crassisporum, Endocarpon crassum, Endocarpon crenatum, Endocarpon crombiei, Endocarpon crombii, Endocarpon crystallinum, Endocarpon custanii, Endocarpon custnani, Endocarpon daedaleum, Endocarpon decipiens, Endocarpon deserticola, Endocarpon desquamescens, Endocarpon diffractellum, Endocarpon dilutius, Endocarpon drummondii, Endocarpon dufourei, Endocarpon eburneum, Endocarpon elegans, Endocarpon euplocum, Endocarpon evirescens, Endocarpon exiguum, Endocarpon fallax, Endocarpon fissum, Endocarpon flexuosum, Endocarpon fluviatile, Endocarpon fragile, Endocarpon fuscatulum, Endocarpon fuscellum, Endocarpon fuscoatratum, Endocarpon garovaglii, Endocarpon garovaglioi, Endocarpon gelatinosum, Endocarpon glaucum, Endocarpon globosum, Endocarpon globularis, Endocarpon glomeruliferum, Endocarpon granulosum, Endocarpon grappae, Endocarpon guepinii, Endocarpon halophilum, Endocarpon hedwigii, Endocarpon helmsianum, Endocarpon hepaticum, Endocarpon hygrobium, Endocarpon imbricatum, Endocarpon inconspicuum, Endocarpon indecoratum, Endocarpon insulare, Endocarpon intestiniforme, Endocarpon isidioides, Endocarpon japonicum, Endocarpon johnstonii, Endocarpon lachneum, Endocarpon laciniatum, Endocarpon laetevirens, Endocarpon latzelianum, Endocarpon leioplacum, Endocarpon lepadinum, Endocarpon lepidallum, Endocarpon leptolepideum, Endocarpon leptophyllodes, Endocarpon leptophyllum, Endocarpon lithinum, Endocarpon loscoi, Endocarpon loscosi, Endocarpon loscosii, Endocarpon lundardii, Endocarpon maclovianum, Endocarpon macrocarpum, Endocarpon macrosporum, Endocarpon magyaricum, Endocarpon mailae, Endocarpon malmeanum, Endocarpon manitense, Endocarpon maravignae, Endocarpon maritima, Endocarpon maritima, Endocarpon megapotamicum, Endocarpon melanostomum, Endocarpon mexicanum, Endocarpon michelii, Endocarpon microsticticum, Endocarpon microsticticum, Endocarpon microstictum, Endocarpon miniatum, Endocarpon minutum, Endocarpon moenium, Endocarpon mongolicum, Endocarpon monicae, Endocarpon monstrosum, Endocarpon moulinsii, Endocarpon muehlenbergii, Endocarpon muelleri, Endocarpon muhlenbergii, Endocarpon mullerii, Endocarpon muscorum, Endocarpon myeloxanthum, Endocarpon mühlenbergii, Endocarpon nantianum, Endocarpon nanum, Endocarpon neopallidulum, Endocarpon nigellum, Endocarpon nigromarginatum, Endocarpon nigrozonatum, Endocarpon nodulosum, Endocarpon obscuratum, Endocarpon obscurum, Endocarpon obscurum, Endocarpon ochroleucum, Endocarpon pachylepis, Endocarpon pallescens, Endocarpon pallidulum, Endocarpon pallidum, Endocarpon parasiticum, Endocarpon peltatum, Endocarpon pertusum, Endocarpon perumbratum, Endocarpon pervirescens, Endocarpon petrolepideum, Endocarpon phaeocarpoides, Endocarpon phylliscum, Endocarpon placodinum, Endocarpon polyphyllizum, Endocarpon polyphyllum, Endocarpon polystictum, Endocarpon polythecium, Endocarpon porphyrium, Endocarpon pseudosubnitescens, Endocarpon psorodeum, Endocarpon psoromia, Endocarpon psoromoides, Endocarpon pulchellum, Endocarpon pulchellum, Endocarpon pulvinatum, Endocarpon pulvinulosum, Endocarpon pusillum, Endocarpon pusillum, Endocarpon quezelii, Endocarpon ramulosum, Endocarpon reticulatum, Endocarpon reticulatum, Endocarpon riparium, Endocarpon rivulare, Endocarpon rivulorum, Endocarpon robustum, Endocarpon rogersii, Endocarpon rosettum, Endocarpon rufescens, Endocarpon rufopallens, Endocarpon rufovirescens, Endocarpon rufum, Endocarpon rugosum, Endocarpon saxorum, Endocarpon schaereri, Endocarpon schaereri, Endocarpon schisticola, Endocarpon scottianum, Endocarpon simplicatum, Endocarpon sinense, Endocarpon sinopicum, Endocarpon smaragdulum, Endocarpon solstitiale, Endocarpon sommerfeltii, Endocarpon sorediatum, Endocarpon speireum, Endocarpon spraguei, Endocarpon squamulosum, Endocarpon subcompactum, Endocarpon subcrustosum, Endocarpon subdivF. Entosthelia, Endocarpon subfoliaceum, Endocarpon subnitescens, Endocarpon subramulosum, Endocarpon subrosettum, Endocarpon subscabridulum, Endocarpon sulphureum, Endocarpon superpositum, Endocarpon sylvicola, Endocarpon sylvicolum, Endocarpon tahitense, Endocarpon tectorum, Endocarpon tenellum, Endocarpon tenellum, Endocarpon tenellum, Endocarpon tenuissimum, Endocarpon tephroides, Endocarpon thunbergii, Endocarpon tortuosum, Endocarpon trachyticum, Endocarpon trapeziforme, Endocarpon tuckermanii, Endocarpon turgidum, Endocarpon unifoliatum, Endocarpon urceolatum, Endocarpon uvulare, Endocarpon vagans, Endocarpon var. lacinulatum, Endocarpon velanum, Endocarpon verrucosum, Endocarpon versipellis, Endocarpon victoriae, Endocarpon viride, Endocarpon viridulum, Endocarpon vitellinum, Endocarpon weberi, Endocarpon wightii, Endocarpon wilmsoides, Endocarpon xanthostomum, Endocarpon zschackei
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