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General information

 Summary:Graphina Müll. Arg., Flora (Regensburg) 63 (2): 22 (1880) [MB#2128] 
 Synonymy:=Diorygma Eschw., Systema Lichenum, Genera Exhibens rite distincta, Pluribus Novis Adaucta: 13, 25 (1824) [MB#1593]
=Thalloloma Trevis., Spighe e Paglie: 13 (1853) [MB#5394]
=Glaucinaria Fée ex A. Massal., Atti dell´Istituto Veneto Scienze 5: 319 (1860) [MB#2071]
=Stenographa Mudd, A manual of British lichens: 235 (1861) [MB#5208]
=Graphinomyces Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 50, 76 (1953) [MB#2130]
 MycoBank #:2128 
 Authors:Müller Arg.
 Authors (abbreviated):Müll. Arg.
 Page #:22
 Year of effective publication:1880
 Remarks:Greuter et al. propose G. anguina, but this species is not mentioned in the original publication 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Graphina abaphoides, Graphina abdita, Graphina abstracta, Graphina acharii, Graphina acromelaena, Graphina acrophaea, Graphina acuminata, Graphina adscribens, Graphina adtenuans, Graphina aeola, Graphina aethiopica, Graphina affinissima, Graphina afinissima, Graphina aggregans, Graphina agminalis, Graphina aibonitensis, Graphina alba, Graphina albidolivens, Graphina albonotata, Graphina albosporella, Graphina albostriata, Graphina albotecta, Graphina alpestris, Graphina ambrizensis, Graphina amicta, Graphina analoga, Graphina andamanica, Graphina anguina, Graphina anguinaeformis, Graphina anguiniformis, Graphina annonacea, Graphina anonacea, Graphina antillarum, Graphina aquilonia, Graphina arthothelioides, Graphina asprocarpa, Graphina atractospora, Graphina atramontana, Graphina atrocelata, Graphina atrofusca, Graphina atronitens, Graphina austenensis, Graphina awasthii, Graphina awasthii, Graphina babingtonii, Graphina bakeri, Graphina balbisii, Graphina balfourii, Graphina bijlii, Graphina bilabiata, Graphina bipartita, Graphina borealis, Graphina borneoensis, Graphina boschiana, Graphina bothynocarpa, Graphina boweniana, Graphina brachyspora, Graphina britannica, Graphina brunnthaleri, Graphina bylii, Graphina byrsonimae, Graphina cabbalistica, Graphina caesio-olivacea, Graphina caesioradians, Graphina canaliculata, Graphina caracasana, Graphina carassensis, Graphina carbocarpa, Graphina carneoviridis, Graphina celata, Graphina chlamydospora, Graphina chlorocarpa, Graphina chloroleuca, Graphina chondroplaca, Graphina chrysocarpa, Graphina cinerea, Graphina cinereoalba, Graphina cingalina, Graphina cladophora, Graphina cleistoblephara, Graphina cleistomma, Graphina cleitops, Graphina coccospora, Graphina collatinensis, Graphina colliculosa, Graphina collospora, Graphina collosporella, Graphina columbiana, Graphina columbina, Graphina componens, Graphina conferta, Graphina confluens, Graphina consanguinea, Graphina consimilis, Graphina contexta, Graphina contorta, Graphina copelandii, Graphina corcovadensis, Graphina crassa, Graphina cremicolor, Graphina crystallifera, Graphina cupressina, Graphina cupulicarpa, Graphina curta, Graphina cymbegrapha, Graphina cypressi, Graphina daintreensis, Graphina daintriensis, Graphina darjeelingensis, Graphina dealbata, Graphina dehiscens, Graphina deightonii, Graphina deplanata, Graphina depressa, Graphina deserpens, Graphina dialeuca, Graphina dichotoma, Graphina dimidiata, Graphina dimorphodes, Graphina diorygmatoides, Graphina diplocheila, Graphina discoides, Graphina dispersa, Graphina disserpens, Graphina dividens, Graphina egenella, Graphina elaiocarpa, Graphina elegantula, Graphina elmeri, Graphina elongata, Graphina elongatoradians, Graphina endoschiza, Graphina epiglauca, Graphina epixantha, Graphina ernstiana, Graphina erubescens, Graphina erythrella, Graphina evanida, Graphina evirescens, Graphina exsolvens, Graphina extricata, Graphina fasciata, Graphina fecunda, Graphina filiformis, Graphina fissofurcata, Graphina fissurinoidea, Graphina flabillata, Graphina flablliata, Graphina flavoalba, Graphina flexilis, Graphina flexuosa, Graphina floridana, Graphina frumentaria, Graphina fruticicola, Graphina galactoderma, Graphina glaucoderma, Graphina glaucorufa, Graphina globosa, Graphina globulifica, Graphina gracilescens, Graphina gracilis, Graphina gracillima, Graphina granulosa, Graphina gyridia, Graphina haemographa, Graphina haloniata, Graphina hartmanniana, Graphina hemisphaerica, Graphina heteroplaca, Graphina heteroplacoides, Graphina heterospora, Graphina hiascens, Graphina hillii, Graphina hologlauca, Graphina hololeuca, Graphina hololeucoides, Graphina homographa, Graphina hordeiformis, Graphina hunanensis, Graphina illinata, Graphina immersa, Graphina inabensis, Graphina incerta, Graphina incisa, Graphina incondita, Graphina incrustans, Graphina indica, Graphina indita, Graphina innata, Graphina insculpta, Graphina insignis, Graphina instabilis, Graphina insulana, Graphina intermedians, Graphina interstens, Graphina interstes, Graphina intertexta, Graphina intortula, Graphina intricata, Graphina inturgescens, Graphina inustula, Graphina irosina, Graphina isabellina, Graphina japonica, Graphina junghuhnii, Graphina kousyuensis, Graphina laevigata, Graphina lapidicola, Graphina lecanactiformis, Graphina lecanographa, Graphina lecideicarpa, Graphina leprocarpa, Graphina leprographa, Graphina leucocarpoides, Graphina leucographa, Graphina leucolyta, Graphina leuconephela, Graphina lorentzii, Graphina lumbschii, Graphina lurido-olivacea, Graphina luridoolivacea, Graphina lutescens, Graphina macella, Graphina macgregorii, Graphina macrospora, Graphina malmei, Graphina maravalensis, Graphina marcescens, Graphina maritima, Graphina massalongii, Graphina massalongoi, Graphina melaleuca, Graphina mendacior, Graphina mendax, Graphina mexicana, Graphina microspora, Graphina monophora, Graphina monospora, Graphina montagnei, Graphina montoensis, Graphina multisepta, Graphina multistriata, Graphina multisulcata, Graphina muscicola, Graphina myrtacea, Graphina nanodes, Graphina neocaledonica, Graphina nitida, Graphina nitidescens, Graphina nitidescentoides, Graphina norlabiata, Graphina notha, Graphina nothofagi, Graphina novae-zealandiae, Graphina novae-zelandiae, Graphina nuda, Graphina nylanderi, Graphina nylanderiana, Graphina obtecta, Graphina obtectula, Graphina obtrita, Graphina obuncula, Graphina oligospora, Graphina olivaceoalbida, Graphina olivaceobrunea, Graphina olivascens, Graphina olivascens, Graphina orientalis, Graphina oryzaeformis, Graphina oryzoides, Graphina ostreata, Graphina oxyspora, Graphina pachygrapha, Graphina pachygraphiza, Graphina pachypleura, Graphina pallida, Graphina pallido-ochracea, Graphina pallidoochracea, Graphina palmeri, Graphina palmicola, Graphina panhalensis, Graphina parilis, Graphina particeps, Graphina parvispora, Graphina pauaiensis, Graphina pauciloculata, Graphina pelletieri, Graphina peplophora, Graphina peralbata, Graphina peralbida, Graphina pergracilis, Graphina perstriatula, Graphina pertenella, Graphina pertricosa, Graphina petrophila, Graphina philippina, Graphina plagiocarpa, Graphina platycarpa, Graphina platycarpina, Graphina platycarpoides, Graphina platygrapta, Graphina platyleuca, Graphina plittii, Graphina plumbea, Graphina plumbicolor, Graphina plurispora, Graphina poitaei, Graphina poitiaei, Graphina polillensis, Graphina polycarpa, Graphina polyclades, Graphina pringlei, Graphina pseudanaloga, Graphina pseudophlyctis, Graphina pseudosophistica, Graphina psoromica, Graphina pudica, Graphina puiggarii, Graphina pyelodes, Graphina pyrenuloides, Graphina pyrrhocheila, Graphina radaccensis, Graphina radicicola, Graphina reniformis, Graphina renschiana, Graphina repleta, Graphina revelatula, Graphina rhabdocarpa, Graphina rimulosa, Graphina riopiedrensis, Graphina robusta, Graphina roridula, Graphina rubens, Graphina rubiginosa, Graphina rudescens, Graphina rufopallens, Graphina rufopallida, Graphina rufopruinosa, Graphina rugulosa, Graphina ruiziana, Graphina salacinilabiata, Graphina salazinica, Graphina samalensis, Graphina samoana, Graphina saxicola, Graphina saxiseda, Graphina scaphella, Graphina schubertii, Graphina scolecitis, Graphina scribillans, Graphina sect. Aulacographina, Graphina sect. Chlorogramma, Graphina sect. Chlorographina, Graphina sect. Eugraphina, Graphina sect. Graphina, Graphina sect. Heterographina, Graphina sect. Medusulina, Graphina sect. Mesographina, Graphina sect. Platygrammina, Graphina sect. Platygrammopsis, Graphina sect. Platygraphina, Graphina sect. Platygraphinula, Graphina sect. Platygraphopsis, Graphina sect. Rhabdographina, Graphina sect. Schizographina, Graphina sect. Solenographina, Graphina sect. Thalloloma, Graphina semirigida, Graphina siamensis, Graphina sierraleonensis, Graphina sierralonensis, Graphina simplex, Graphina simulans, Graphina socotrana, Graphina socotrina, Graphina soozana, Graphina sophistica, Graphina sophisticascens, Graphina sophisticella, Graphina sorediella, Graphina sorsogona, Graphina sphaerosporella, Graphina spilota, Graphina stictilabiata, Graphina straminea, Graphina streblocarpa, Graphina streimannii, Graphina subaggregans, Graphina subanguina var. fuscobasilaris, Graphina subanguinea, Graphina subcontorta, Graphina subcrispa, Graphina subducta, Graphina subelmeri, Graphina suberythrella, Graphina subhiascens, Graphina subintricata, Graphina subnitida, Graphina subnitidula, Graphina subobtecta, Graphina subpulicaris, Graphina subserpentina, Graphina substriatula, Graphina subtartarea, Graphina subtorquens, Graphina subvelata, Graphina subvestita, Graphina subvirginalis, Graphina sulcata, Graphina sulcatula, Graphina sulphurella, Graphina symplecta, Graphina symplocorum, Graphina taiwanensis, Graphina talisensis, Graphina tectigera, Graphina tenuirima, Graphina tenuissima, Graphina tetraphora, Graphina tjibodensis, Graphina triangularis, Graphina tricolorata, Graphina triphora, Graphina triphoroides, Graphina tuberculifera, Graphina tuberculosa, Graphina ulcerata, Graphina undulata, Graphina valvulascens, Graphina var. subanguina, Graphina varians, Graphina vermicularis, Graphina vermiculus, Graphina vernicosa, Graphina verruculifera, Graphina verruculina, Graphina vestita, Graphina vestitoides, Graphina virginalis, Graphina virginea, Graphina xylophaga
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