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General information

 Summary:Gyalecta Ach., Kongliga Vetenskaps Academiens Nya Handlingar 29: 228 (1808) [MB#2154] 
 Synonymy:=Cryptolechia A. Massal., Alcuni generi di licheni nuovamente limitati e descritti: 13 (1853) [MB#1318]
=Secoliga Norman, Nytt Magazin for Naturvidenskapene 7: 230 (1853) [MB#4991]
=Phialopsis Körb., Systema lichenum Germaniae: 169 (1855) [MB#3990]
=Belonia Körb., Lich. Select. Germ.: no. 79 (1856) [MB#531]
=Pachyphiale Lönnr., Flora (Regensburg) 41: 611 (1858) [MB#3671]
=Protoschistes M. Choisy, Icones Lichenum Universalis: t. 25 (1928) [MB#4393]
=Clathroporinopsis M. Choisy, Icones Lichenum Universalis: t. 25 (1929) [MB#1088]
=Gyalectomyces E.A. Thomas ex Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 49, 75 (1953) [MB#2160]
 MycoBank #:2154 
 Authors (abbreviated):Ach. 
 Page #:228 
 Year of effective publication:1808 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Gyalecta abscondita, Gyalecta absconsa, Gyalecta abstrusa, Gyalecta acharii, Gyalecta acicularis, Gyalecta aethalea, Gyalecta albocrenata, Gyalecta alnicola, Gyalecta alutacea, Gyalecta ancistrospora, Gyalecta annexa, Gyalecta arbuti, Gyalecta arctica, Gyalecta ascaridiella, Gyalecta asteria, Gyalecta atrata, Gyalecta atrolutea, Gyalecta azorellae, Gyalecta bacidiospora, Gyalecta berggrenii, Gyalecta bicellulata, Gyalecta biformis, Gyalecta bilimbioides, Gyalecta bryophaga, Gyalecta bryophila, Gyalecta caerulea, Gyalecta calcicola, Gyalecta canariensis, Gyalecta carnea, Gyalecta carneola, Gyalecta carneolutea, Gyalecta carneoluteola, Gyalecta carneonivea, Gyalecta caudata, Gyalecta caudiospora, Gyalecta ceratina, Gyalecta cernohorskyi, Gyalecta chlorobaea, Gyalecta chrysophaea, Gyalecta cimbrica, Gyalecta clausa, Gyalecta coerulea, Gyalecta congruella, Gyalecta convarians, Gyalecta coralloidea, Gyalecta cornea, Gyalecta corticola, Gyalecta cretacea, Gyalecta croatica, Gyalecta crozalsii, Gyalecta cupularis, Gyalecta decipiens, Gyalecta denigrata, Gyalecta denudata, Gyalecta derivata, Gyalecta dilabens, Gyalecta diluta, Gyalecta effervescens, Gyalecta elegantula, Gyalecta epiphylla, Gyalecta epiphylloides, Gyalecta epulotica, Gyalecta erythrozona, Gyalecta exanthematica, Gyalecta exanthemica, Gyalecta fagicola, Gyalecta farlowii, Gyalecta flotovii, Gyalecta flotowii, Gyalecta foveolaris, Gyalecta friesii, Gyalecta fritzei, Gyalecta geoica, Gyalecta geoicoides, Gyalecta gloeocapsa, Gyalecta gyalectoides, Gyalecta gyalizella, Gyalecta herculina, Gyalecta herrei, Gyalecta himalayensis, Gyalecta hyalina, Gyalecta hyalinescens, Gyalecta hypoleuca, Gyalecta incarnata, Gyalecta indigens, Gyalecta insularis, Gyalecta interserta, Gyalecta japonica, Gyalecta jenensis, Gyalecta kibiensis, Gyalecta kukriensis, Gyalecta lacerata, Gyalecta lamprospora, Gyalecta lecideopsis, Gyalecta leptospora, Gyalecta leucaspis, Gyalecta levuschenensis, Gyalecta liguriensis, Gyalecta limica, Gyalecta livida, Gyalecta luetkemuelleri, Gyalecta luetkemülleri, Gyalecta lumbrispora, Gyalecta lutea, Gyalecta lutkemulleri, Gyalecta lyngei, Gyalecta marginalis, Gyalecta maura, Gyalecta mediterranea, Gyalecta mexicana, Gyalecta microcarpella, Gyalecta microspora, Gyalecta misera, Gyalecta modesta, Gyalecta myriadella, Gyalecta nana, Gyalecta nidarosiensis, Gyalecta nigricans, Gyalecta nigritella, Gyalecta obesispora, Gyalecta odora, Gyalecta ophiospora, Gyalecta pachyspora, Gyalecta pallida, Gyalecta pallidula, Gyalecta paraguayensis, Gyalecta pellucida, Gyalecta perminuta, Gyalecta persooniana, Gyalecta peziza, Gyalecta pezizoides, Gyalecta piceicola, Gyalecta pineti, Gyalecta pittieriana, Gyalecta plurilocularis, Gyalecta prevostii, Gyalecta probiscidina, Gyalecta protuberans, Gyalecta psammoica, Gyalecta pseudogeoica, Gyalecta pulchra, Gyalecta radians, Gyalecta radiatilis, Gyalecta recedens, Gyalecta rhexoblephara, Gyalecta rhodinula, Gyalecta riparia, Gyalecta rivularis, Gyalecta rosea, Gyalecta rosellovirens, Gyalecta roseoalbida, Gyalecta roseola, Gyalecta rubella, Gyalecta rubra, Gyalecta russula, Gyalecta salevensis, Gyalecta saxatilis, Gyalecta sbarbari, Gyalecta schisticola, Gyalecta scutellaris, Gyalecta sect. Gyalecta, Gyalecta sect. Lecaniopsis, Gyalecta semecarpi, Gyalecta skottsbergii, Gyalecta sprengelii, Gyalecta steinii, Gyalecta stellaris, Gyalecta stictidea, Gyalecta stigmatoides, Gyalecta suaveolens, Gyalecta suavevolens, Gyalecta subclausa, Gyalecta subepulotica, Gyalecta subincolorella, Gyalecta subscutellaris, Gyalecta subsphaeroides, Gyalecta sudetica, Gyalecta tarandina, Gyalecta tetrasticha, Gyalecta thelotremella, Gyalecta thelotremoides, Gyalecta thunbergiana, Gyalecta titovii, Gyalecta tropica, Gyalecta truncigena, Gyalecta truncigena, Gyalecta ulleungdoensis, Gyalecta ulmi, Gyalecta uncinata, Gyalecta valenzueliana, Gyalecta versicolor, Gyalecta vezdana, Gyalecta vicentina, Gyalecta vincentina, Gyalecta wahlenbergiana
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 Type of organism:? 

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