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General information

 Summary:Heptameria Rehm & Thüm., Instituto, (Coimbra): 252 (1879) [MB#2299] 
 Synonymy:=Verlotia Fabre, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique ser. 6, 9: 108 (1879) [MB#5721] 
 MycoBank #:2299 
 Authors:Rehm & Thümen
 Authors (abbreviated):Rehm & Thüm.
 Page #:252
 Journal or book:Rehm & Thümen 1879, Instituto, (Coimbra) 27: 252 
 Year of publication:1879
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Heptameria acanthi, Heptameria aconiti, Heptameria acuta, Heptameria agminalis, Heptameria agnita, Heptameria albopunctata, Heptameria aliquanta, Heptameria ammophilae, Heptameria amphibola, Heptameria anthelmintica, Heptameria anthophila, Heptameria anthostomoides, Heptameria aparinae, Heptameria aparines, Heptameria apocalypta, Heptameria apogon, Heptameria appendiculata, Heptameria aquilina, Heptameria argentina, Heptameria artemisiae, Heptameria arundinacea, Heptameria arvensis, Heptameria asparagina, Heptameria asplenii, Heptameria aucta, Heptameria autophila, Heptameria bardanae, Heptameria bardanæ, Heptameria beaumontii, Heptameria bicuspidata, Heptameria bocconiae, Heptameria bractearum, Heptameria bryophila, Heptameria cadubriae, Heptameria caespitosa, Heptameria caffra, Heptameria campi-silii, Heptameria caninae, Heptameria capparidis, Heptameria capparis, Heptameria caricinella, Heptameria caricis, Heptameria carpogena, Heptameria carpophila, Heptameria castagnei, Heptameria ceratispora, Heptameria cercispora, Heptameria cervispora, Heptameria chilensis, Heptameria cibostii, Heptameria circinans, Heptameria clara, Heptameria clavicarpa, Heptameria clivensis, Heptameria comatella, Heptameria conferta, Heptameria conoidea, Heptameria consessa, Heptameria consobrina, Heptameria contempta, Heptameria corallorhizae, Heptameria crastophila, Heptameria crepinii, Heptameria cruenta, Heptameria cucurbitarioides, Heptameria culmicola, Heptameria culmifraga, Heptameria cylindrospora, Heptameria cynops, Heptameria cyperina, Heptameria delavayi, Heptameria delawayi, Heptameria demissa, Heptameria derasa, Heptameria diaporthoides, Heptameria digitalis, Heptameria dioica, Heptameria disseminata, Heptameria distributa, Heptameria dolioloides, Heptameria doliolum, Heptameria donacina, Heptameria drabae, Heptameria dumetorum, Heptameria duplex, Heptameria echinella, Heptameria echinops, Heptameria elaeospora, Heptameria elegans, Heptameria endiusae, Heptameria epicalamia, Heptameria epicarecta, Heptameria epicarecta, Heptameria equiseti, Heptameria eranthemi, Heptameria eriophora, Heptameria eryngii, Heptameria euphorbiacea, Heptameria euphorbiae, Heptameria eustoma, Heptameria eustomella, Heptameria eustomoides, Heptameria eutypoides, Heptameria fimiseda, Heptameria foeniculacea, Heptameria foliicola, Heptameria fuckelii, Heptameria fungicola, Heptameria fæniculacea, Heptameria galiicola, Heptameria galiorum, Heptameria gigaspora, Heptameria gloeospora, Heptameria glæospora, Heptameria gnaphalii, Heptameria graminis, Heptameria guaphalii, Heptameria haematites, Heptameria harknessiana, Heptameria helichrysi, Heptameria helichrysi, Heptameria helminthospora, Heptameria helvetica, Heptameria hemicrypta, Heptameria herpotrichioides, Heptameria heufleri, Heptameria hiemalis, Heptameria hierochloae, Heptameria hyperici, Heptameria hyperici, Heptameria hæmatites, Heptameria impressa, Heptameria incarcerata, Heptameria inculta, Heptameria indeprensa, Heptameria insignis, Heptameria intersparsa, Heptameria interspersa, Heptameria ischaemi, Heptameria janus, Heptameria juncina, Heptameria juncorum, Heptameria kalmusii, Heptameria latebrosa, Heptameria lecanora, Heptameria leersiana, Heptameria lemaneae, Heptameria leptospora, Heptameria libanotis, Heptameria licatensis, Heptameria lineolaris, Heptameria littoralis, Heptameria longchampsi, Heptameria longchampsiae, Heptameria longchampsii, Heptameria lophanthis, Heptameria lucorum, Heptameria luctuosa, Heptameria lunariae, Heptameria luzulae, Heptameria lycopodicola, Heptameria lycopodina, Heptameria maculans, Heptameria marciensis, Heptameria marcyrensis, Heptameria marcyrensis, Heptameria marina, Heptameria maritima, Heptameria marram, Heptameria massarioides, Heptameria medicaginis, Heptameria medicaginum, Heptameria megalospora, Heptameria mertensiae, Heptameria mertensiæ, Heptameria mesaedema, Heptameria mesaedema, Heptameria michotii, Heptameria micropogon, Heptameria microscopica, Heptameria millefolii, Heptameria mirabilis, Heptameria modesta, Heptameria molybdina, Heptameria monilispora, Heptameria morreni, Heptameria morrenii, Heptameria morthieri, Heptameria muelleri, Heptameria mulleri, Heptameria multiseptata, Heptameria muralis, Heptameria napi, Heptameria nardi, Heptameria nectrioides, Heptameria nesodes, Heptameria niessliana, Heptameria nigrans, Heptameria nigrella, Heptameria nigricans, Heptameria nitschkei, Heptameria norfolcia, Heptameria obesa, Heptameria obesa, Heptameria obesula, Heptameria obiones, Heptameria obtusispora, Heptameria ogilviensis, Heptameria olericola, Heptameria olivaespora, Heptameria ophioboloides, Heptameria oreophiloides, Heptameria orthogramma, Heptameria owanii, Heptameria owaniæ, Heptameria pachycarpa, Heptameria parietariae, Heptameria parmeliarum, Heptameria pellita, Heptameria personata, Heptameria petiolicola, Heptameria phlomidis, Heptameria phragmiticola, Heptameria phyteumatis, Heptameria planiuscula, Heptameria platanicola, Heptameria plerothecae, Heptameria plumbaginis, Heptameria polaris, Heptameria pontiformis, Heptameria praeclara, Heptameria pratensis, Heptameria promontorii, Heptameria psilospora, Heptameria ptarmicae, Heptameria punctoidea, Heptameria purpurea, Heptameria pyrenopezizoides, Heptameria ramalinae, Heptameria rhodophaea, Heptameria riparia, Heptameria rivana, Heptameria rothomagensis, Heptameria rouselliana, Heptameria rubelloides, Heptameria rubicunda, Heptameria rudbeckiae, Heptameria rusci, Heptameria sabalicola, Heptameria saccardiana, Heptameria saccardoana, Heptameria salebrosa, Heptameria salicaria, Heptameria salvinii, Heptameria sapeyensis, Heptameria sarmenticia, Heptameria sarraziniana, Heptameria scotophila, Heptameria scrophulariae, Heptameria secalis, Heptameria setulosa, Heptameria sibirica, Heptameria sodomaea, Heptameria solani, Heptameria sorgophila, Heptameria sowerbyi, Heptameria sparsa, Heptameria spartiniae, Heptameria spectabilis, Heptameria sphyridiana, Heptameria stereicola, Heptameria sticta, Heptameria stictoides, Heptameria stictostoma, Heptameria striata, Heptameria subcaespitosa, Heptameria subconica, Heptameria sydowiana, Heptameria sylvatica, Heptameria taxicola, Heptameria tenera, Heptameria teucrii, Heptameria thielensii, Heptameria thuemeniana, Heptameria thuemeniana, Heptameria torulispora, Heptameria triglochinicola, Heptameria tritici, Heptameria typhae, Heptameria typhae, Heptameria typharum, Heptameria typhicola, Heptameria typhiseda, Heptameria uncinata, Heptameria unicaudata, Heptameria vagans, Heptameria vectis, Heptameria virginica, Heptameria viridella, Heptameria weberi, Heptameria weddellii, Heptameria winter, Heptameria winteri, Heptameria zizanaeicola, Heptameria zizaniicola
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 Type of organism:? 



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