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General information

 Summary:Humaria Fuckel, Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 23-24: 320 (1870) [MB#2375] 
 Synonymy:=Leucopezis Clem., The genera of Fungi: 90, 175 (1909) [MB#2833]
=Mycolachnea Maire, Publicacions del Instituto Botánico Barcelona 3 (4): 25 (1937) [MB#3319]
 MycoBank #:2375 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fuckel 
 Page #:320 
 Year of effective publication:1870 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Remarks:Denison 1959 (Mycologia 51:612) typified the genus with Peziza hemisphaerica Weber ex Fr. This is obviously an error for Wigg., which Fries cited as Hoffmann Crypt. II p. 28 t. 7. f. 6. 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Humaria abundans, Humaria acicola, Humaria adusta, Humaria aggregata, Humaria ahmadii, Humaria albocincta, Humaria albodiscina, Humaria albospadicea, Humaria albostrigosa, Humaria albostrigosa, Humaria allantospora, Humaria alpigena, Humaria alpina, Humaria alpina, Humaria ammophila, Humaria anceps, Humaria antarctica, Humaria antonii, Humaria apiahyna, Humaria appendiculata, Humaria applanata, Humaria aquatica, Humaria araneosa, Humaria arenosa, Humaria argentina, Humaria argillacea, Humaria articulata, Humaria ascobolimorpha, Humaria ascoboloides, Humaria ascophanoides, Humaria atroviolacea, Humaria aurantia, Humaria aurantiaca, Humaria aurantionigra, Humaria aurorea, Humaria axillaris, Humaria badicolor, Humaria bakeri, Humaria bella, Humaria bicucullata, Humaria bicucullata, Humaria bipolaris, Humaria bohemica, Humaria bolaris, Humaria boninensis, Humaria boudieri, Humaria bovina, Humaria brunnea, Humaria brunneoatra, Humaria brunneopallida, Humaria buchsii, Humaria buchsii, Humaria bulgarioides, Humaria buxea, Humaria caballina, Humaria callichroa, Humaria calospora, Humaria candida, Humaria canina, Humaria carbonigena, Humaria carestiae, Humaria carneola, Humaria carneosanguinea, Humaria carneoviolacea, Humaria carnosa, Humaria carota, Humaria carpoboloides, Humaria carpophila, Humaria cazaresii, Humaria ceraceocerea, Humaria cervaria, Humaria cestrica, Humaria chartarum, Humaria chateri, Humaria chavetiae, Humaria ciliata, Humaria cinnabarina, Humaria citrinella, Humaria clausa, Humaria coccinea, Humaria coccinea, Humaria combusta, Humaria conformis, Humaria congrex, Humaria convexella, Humaria convexula, Humaria cookeana, Humaria cookeina, Humaria coprinaria, Humaria coprogena, Humaria coracina, Humaria coronula, Humaria crassiuscula, Humaria crechqueraultii, Humaria cremoricolor, Humaria crenulata, Humaria crenulata, Humaria crinita, Humaria crouani, Humaria crouanii, Humaria crucipila, Humaria cubensis, Humaria cupressi, Humaria cupressina, Humaria cynocopra, Humaria deerrata, Humaria deformis, Humaria delectans, Humaria deligata, Humaria depressa, Humaria diluta, Humaria diplotricha, Humaria disciformis, Humaria diversispora, Humaria domestica, Humaria dubia, Humaria duriuscula, Humaria echinosperma, Humaria elaeocarpa, Humaria elaphorum, Humaria epitricha, Humaria epixyla, Humaria erinacea, Humaria etilis, Humaria euchroa, Humaria euphorbiae, Humaria exidiiformis, Humaria fimetaria, Humaria fimeti, Humaria fimiputris, Humaria flava, Humaria flavens, Humaria flavoaurantiaca, Humaria flavorubens, Humaria flavotingens, Humaria flavula, Humaria foliicola, Humaria fraudans, Humaria fulva, Humaria fulvescens, Humaria fulvescens, Humaria furfurella, Humaria fuscocarpa, Humaria fusispora, Humaria gallinacea, Humaria gei, Humaria gemmata, Humaria gerardii, Humaria gilva, Humaria glacialis, Humaria glacialis, Humaria glareosa, Humaria glareosa, Humaria glauca, Humaria globifera, Humaria globosopulvinata, Humaria glumarum, Humaria gollmeri, Humaria gonnermanni, Humaria gonnermannii, Humaria granulata, Humaria granulata, Humaria granulosa, Humaria gregaria, Humaria groenlandica, Humaria guadalupensis, Humaria guadelupensis, Humaria guanaci, Humaria haemastigma, Humaria haematochlora, Humaria hansenii, Humaria hartmannii, Humaria hazslinszkya, Humaria hematochlora, Humaria hemisphaerica, Humaria hemisphaerioides, Humaria hepatica, Humaria hiemalis, Humaria hirtella, Humaria humosa, Humaria hyalinoalba, Humaria hydrophila, Humaria hypnorum, Humaria ignea, Humaria immutabilis, Humaria imperialis, Humaria indica, Humaria ingrica, Humaria insignis, Humaria insignispora, Humaria intermedia, Humaria intermixta, Humaria irregularis, Humaria ithacaensis, Humaria jeannelii, Humaria jonella, Humaria jungermanniae, Humaria keithii, Humaria lacteocinerea, Humaria laeticolor, Humaria lancicula, Humaria lechithina, Humaria lecithina, Humaria leonina, Humaria leporum, Humaria leucoloma, Humaria leucolomoides, Humaria lilacina, Humaria lilacina, Humaria limbata, Humaria limnicola, Humaria limosa, Humaria livida, Humaria livida, Humaria livida, Humaria lividopurpurea, Humaria lloydiana, Humaria longispora, Humaria lusatiae, Humaria luteola, Humaria luteola, Humaria luteopallens, Humaria macrocystis, Humaria macrospora, Humaria macrospora, Humaria macrospora, Humaria mandensis, Humaria marchica, Humaria masseeana, Humaria maurilabra, Humaria melaloma, Humaria melalomoides, Humaria melanodon, Humaria melina, Humaria membranacea, Humaria menieri, Humaria merdaria, Humaria meslinii, Humaria microspora, Humaria miltina, Humaria miniata, Humaria minutula, Humaria misturae, Humaria mollispora, Humaria mougeotii, Humaria muelleri, Humaria muralis, Humaria murina, Humaria murina, Humaria muscorum, Humaria mussooriensis, Humaria myrothecioides, Humaria nemorosa, Humaria nicholsonii, Humaria nicolai, Humaria nigrescens, Humaria nitida, Humaria nivea, Humaria nobilis, Humaria novo-zeelandica, Humaria novozeelandica, Humaria novozelandica, Humaria nymani, Humaria nymanii, Humaria obnupta, Humaria obtusipila, Humaria ochroleuca, Humaria oligotricha, Humaria olivacea, Humaria olivaceofusca, Humaria olivascens, Humaria olivatra, Humaria olivella, Humaria ollaris, Humaria ollula, Humaria omphalodes, Humaria oocardii, Humaria orinocensis, Humaria orthotricha, Humaria oryzetorum, Humaria ovalispora, Humaria pallidisetosa, Humaria palmicola, Humaria pangerangensis, Humaria papillosa, Humaria parasitica, Humaria patavina, Humaria patouillardii, Humaria peckii, Humaria pedrotti, Humaria pedrottii, Humaria permunda, Humaria perpusilla, Humaria persoonii, Humaria persoonii, Humaria petrakii, Humaria phaeoloma, Humaria phagospora, Humaria phillipsii, Humaria phoenicea, Humaria phycophila, Humaria phycophila, Humaria phyllogena, Humaria pictilis, Humaria piggotii, Humaria pilifera, Humaria pinetorum, Humaria plumbea, Humaria polytrichi, Humaria potonini, Humaria praecox, Humaria psilopezoides, Humaria pulcherrima, Humaria purpurascens, Humaria purpurea, Humaria pusilla, Humaria pygmaea, Humaria raimundoi, Humaria recurva, Humaria rhodoleuca, Humaria rivularis, Humaria rosella, Humaria roseorubra, Humaria roumeguerei, Humaria roumegueri, Humaria rubens, Humaria ruberrima, Humaria rubricosa, Humaria rufescens, Humaria rufo-olivacea, Humaria rustica, Humaria rutilans, Humaria sabranskyana, Humaria saccardoi, Humaria saccharina, Humaria salmonicolor, Humaria sanguinea, Humaria scabra, Humaria scatigena, Humaria schemnitziensis, Humaria schenckii, Humaria schenkii, Humaria schieferdeckeriana, Humaria schroeteri, Humaria scutellata, Humaria secreta, Humaria semi-immersa, Humaria semiimmersa, Humaria sepulta, Humaria setosa, Humaria silvosa, Humaria similis, Humaria solisequia, Humaria solsequia, Humaria sowerbyi, Humaria sparsipila, Humaria speluncarum, Humaria sphagni, Humaria spissa, Humaria squamosa, Humaria stellata, Humaria stercoraria, Humaria stercorea, Humaria stipitata, Humaria stromella, Humaria subcitrina, Humaria subcrenulata, Humaria subfusca, Humaria subfusispora, Humaria subgen. Ciliaria, Humaria subgen. Humaria, Humaria subgranulata, Humaria subhepatica, Humaria subhirsuta, Humaria sublivida, Humaria sublutea, Humaria subreticulata, Humaria subsemiimmersa, Humaria subturbinata, Humaria subvirescens, Humaria subzandbayensis, Humaria sudetica, Humaria sulphurata, Humaria sulphurata, Humaria sydowii, Humaria taphrospora, Humaria tenacella, Humaria tenuis, Humaria tenuis, Humaria testacea, Humaria tetraspora, Humaria tetrica, Humaria theioleuca, Humaria theleboloides, Humaria theleboloides, Humaria thozetii, Humaria thuemenii, Humaria thuemenii, Humaria thumenii, Humaria tofacea, Humaria tomentosa, Humaria torosa, Humaria trachyderma, Humaria trechispora, Humaria tremellosa, Humaria tristis, Humaria turbinata, Humaria umbilicata, Humaria umbrara, Humaria umbrata, Humaria umbrina, Humaria umbrorum, Humaria umbrosa, Humaria uncinata, Humaria ustorum, Humaria ustulata, Humaria uvarum, Humaria valenzueliana, Humaria var. hematochlora, Humaria var. microspora, Humaria varia, Humaria velenovskyi, Humaria vernalis, Humaria vinacea, Humaria vinacea, Humaria vinosa, Humaria violacea, Humaria violaceonigra, Humaria violascens, Humaria viridans, Humaria viridibrunnea, Humaria viridifusca, Humaria viridulofusca, Humaria vitellina, Humaria vitigena, Humaria vivida, Humaria waterstonii, Humaria wisconsiensis, Humaria wisconsinensis, Humaria woolhopeia, Humaria wrightii, Humaria xanthomela, Humaria xylariicola, Humaria zamurensis, Humaria zandbaiensis, Humaria zandbayensis, Humaria zonata, Humaria zukalii
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