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General information

 Summary:Hydropus Kühner ex Singer, Papers of the Michigan Academy of Sciences 32: 127 (1948) [MB#17803] 
 MycoBank #:17803 
 Authors:Kühner ex Singer 
 Authors (abbreviated):Kühner ex Singer 
 Page #:127 
 Year of effective publication:1948 
 Remarks:Genus first proposed by Singer, without Latin diagnosis, in Lloydia, 5, p. 129, 1942. Le Genre Mycena (Encycl. Mycol. 10), p. 531, 1938, without diagnosis Sp. typ.: H. fuliginarius. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
165 Associated records (click to hide):
Hydropus africanus, Hydropus albopubescens, Hydropus albus, Hydropus altus, Hydropus amarus, Hydropus amazonicus, Hydropus angustispermus, Hydropus anthidepas, Hydropus anthracophilus, Hydropus ardesiacus, Hydropus arenarius, Hydropus aristoteliae, Hydropus athrophylla, Hydropus atramentosus, Hydropus atriceps, Hydropus atropruinosus, Hydropus aurarius, Hydropus beniensis, Hydropus bisporus, Hydropus bolivianus, Hydropus brunneobasis, Hydropus brunneoumbonatus, Hydropus brunnescens, Hydropus caespitosus, Hydropus californicus, Hydropus camaragibensis, Hydropus campinaranae, Hydropus cavipes, Hydropus chiriquiensis, Hydropus chlorinodorus, Hydropus cinchonensis, Hydropus citrinus, Hydropus collybioides, Hydropus comptus, Hydropus confertifolius, Hydropus conicus, Hydropus corneri, Hydropus cylindrocystis, Hydropus cylindrosporus, Hydropus cystidiatus, Hydropus cystidiosus, Hydropus decipiens, Hydropus depauperatus, Hydropus dissiliens, Hydropus dryadicola, Hydropus dubius, Hydropus dusenii, Hydropus eburneus, Hydropus eitenianus, Hydropus erinensis, Hydropus excentricus, Hydropus fimbriatus, Hydropus floccipes, Hydropus flocculinus, Hydropus fluvialis, Hydropus fragilior, Hydropus frater-niger, Hydropus fuliginarius, Hydropus fuliginarius, Hydropus funebris, Hydropus fuscoalbus, Hydropus fuscogriseus, Hydropus fuscomycelinus, Hydropus gerronematoides, Hydropus gigasporus, Hydropus glabripes, Hydropus gomezii, Hydropus gracilis, Hydropus grevilleae, Hydropus griseolazulins, Hydropus griseolazulinus, Hydropus guaporensis, Hydropus heterocystis, Hydropus humilior, Hydropus hydrophoroides, Hydropus hygrophilus, Hydropus hymenocephalus, Hydropus hyperythrus, Hydropus hypnorum, Hydropus hypopolius, Hydropus immutabilis, Hydropus indicus, Hydropus irroratus, Hydropus kansaiensis, Hydropus kauffmanii, Hydropus laceratus, Hydropus lacuster, Hydropus levis, Hydropus liciosae, Hydropus lipocystis, Hydropus lobauensis, Hydropus longicystidiatus, Hydropus lutescentipes, Hydropus maculatipes, Hydropus marasmioides, Hydropus marginella, Hydropus marginellus, Hydropus martensii, Hydropus mediterraneus, Hydropus mediterraneus, Hydropus megalobasidium, Hydropus mesites, Hydropus microcephalus, Hydropus microsporus, Hydropus montanus, Hydropus montis-rosae, Hydropus moserianus, Hydropus mutabilis, Hydropus mycenoides, Hydropus nanus, Hydropus nigrita, Hydropus nigromarginatus, Hydropus nitens, Hydropus occidentalis, Hydropus oculatus, Hydropus odoratus, Hydropus omphaliformis, Hydropus omphaliiformis, Hydropus omphaliniformis, Hydropus panamensis, Hydropus papillatus, Hydropus paradoxus, Hydropus paraensis, Hydropus phyllogenus, Hydropus pinetorum, Hydropus platensis, Hydropus platycystis, Hydropus platyphyllus, Hydropus porphyrodes, Hydropus praedecurrens, Hydropus pseudotenax, Hydropus putredinus, Hydropus pyxidatoides, Hydropus recedens, Hydropus riograndensis, Hydropus rionegrensis, Hydropus sabalis, Hydropus scabripes, Hydropus sect. Hydropus, Hydropus sect. Incrustati, Hydropus semimarginellus, Hydropus serifluus, Hydropus sphaerosporus, Hydropus stenocystis, Hydropus subalpinus, Hydropus subcartilagineus, Hydropus subspodoides, Hydropus subtropicalis, Hydropus swaneticus, Hydropus taxodii, Hydropus terraefirmae, Hydropus translucens, Hydropus trichoderma, Hydropus trichodermus, Hydropus tubaeformis, Hydropus tubiformis, Hydropus tucumanus, Hydropus umbonatus, Hydropus umbrinus, Hydropus verae-crucis, Hydropus viscidulus, Hydropus xanthosarx, Hydropus xerophilus, Hydropus xuchiliensis, Hydropus xuthophyllus
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