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General information

 Summary:Lecanactis Körb., Systema lichenum Germaniae: 275 (1855) [MB#2676] 
 Synonymy:≡Lecanactiomyces Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 48, 74 (1953) [MB#2675]
=Pyrenotea Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 332 (1821) [MB#4603]
=Pyrenothea Fr. (1821) [MB#535249]
=Sagenidium Stirt., Proceedings of the Philosophical Society of Glasgow 10: 305 (1877) [MB#4826]
=Lecanactis subgen. Arthoniactis Vain., Catalogue of the African plants collected by Dr. Friedrich Welwitsch in 1853-61. 2 (2): 430 (1901) [MB#700246]
=Arthoniactis (Vain.) Clem., The genera of Fungi: 76 (1909) [MB#321]
=Bacidiactis M. Choisy, Contr. Lichénogr.: 42 (1931) [MB#476]
 MycoBank #:2676 
 Authors (abbreviated):Körb. 
 Page #:275 
 Year of effective publication:1855 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Lecanactis abietina, Lecanactis abscondita, Lecanactis acicularis, Lecanactis albida, Lecanactis americana, Lecanactis amylacea, Lecanactis aponina, Lecanactis arenae, Lecanactis arridens, Lecanactis atacamensis, Lecanactis biformata, Lecanactis biformigera, Lecanactis biformis, Lecanactis borbonica, Lecanactis bullata, Lecanactis bullata, Lecanactis byssacea, Lecanactis caceresiana, Lecanactis caesia, Lecanactis californica, Lecanactis canariensis, Lecanactis chloroconia, Lecanactis citrina, Lecanactis citrinella, Lecanactis cohibens, Lecanactis concordans, Lecanactis confluens, Lecanactis conglomerata, Lecanactis coniochlora, Lecanactis corticola, Lecanactis cretacea, Lecanactis cymbegrapha, Lecanactis deightonii, Lecanactis delimis, Lecanactis deminuens, Lecanactis denticulata, Lecanactis develans, Lecanactis dictyoplaca, Lecanactis dilleniana, Lecanactis dillenii, Lecanactis dimelaenoides, Lecanactis divergens, Lecanactis diversa, Lecanactis diversula, Lecanactis doerfleri, Lecanactis dolosa, Lecanactis dryina, Lecanactis dryina, Lecanactis dryophila, Lecanactis dubia, Lecanactis dörfleri, Lecanactis elaeocarpa, Lecanactis elegans, Lecanactis emersa, Lecanactis endorhoda, Lecanactis epileuca, Lecanactis exaltata, Lecanactis exigua, Lecanactis farinosa, Lecanactis farinosa, Lecanactis farinulenta, Lecanactis feeana, Lecanactis flava, Lecanactis flavescens, Lecanactis flavidosella, Lecanactis flaviseda, Lecanactis flexans, Lecanactis flexuosa, Lecanactis follmannii, Lecanactis fraudans, Lecanactis gibberulosa, Lecanactis grumosa, Lecanactis grumulosa, Lecanactis gumulosa, Lecanactis hemisphaerica, Lecanactis heterocarpa, Lecanactis homalotropa, Lecanactis homoeoides, Lecanactis illecebrosa, Lecanactis illecebrosula, Lecanactis impolita, Lecanactis inferior, Lecanactis insignior, Lecanactis involuta, Lecanactis jenikii, Lecanactis kerguelensis, Lecanactis lactescens, Lecanactis latebrarum, Lecanactis latispora, Lecanactis lecanoroides, Lecanactis lecideina, Lecanactis leprieurii, Lecanactis leprieurioides, Lecanactis leptoloma, Lecanactis leucophora, Lecanactis limosescens, Lecanactis lividula, Lecanactis lobata, Lecanactis lobata, Lecanactis luteola, Lecanactis lyncea, Lecanactis lynceoides, Lecanactis macrocarpa, Lecanactis macrocarpoides, Lecanactis malmideoides, Lecanactis mawsonii, Lecanactis mecistophora, Lecanactis medusula, Lecanactis megaspora, Lecanactis meiophragmia, Lecanactis melanocheilodes, Lecanactis microcarpella, Lecanactis minuta, Lecanactis minutissima, Lecanactis mirifica, Lecanactis mollis, Lecanactis monstrosa, Lecanactis montagnei, Lecanactis moseleyi, Lecanactis myriadea, Lecanactis nakajii, Lecanactis nashii, Lecanactis neozelandica, Lecanactis nothiza, Lecanactis obfirmata, Lecanactis olivascens, Lecanactis opponens, Lecanactis ostrearum, Lecanactis pallens, Lecanactis patellarioides, Lecanactis patellula, Lecanactis paupercula, Lecanactis periclea, Lecanactis pezizoidea, Lecanactis pictonica, Lecanactis planiuscula, Lecanactis platygraphoides, Lecanactis pleistophragmoides, Lecanactis plocina, Lecanactis plurilocularis, Lecanactis praerimata, Lecanactis premnea, Lecanactis proximans, Lecanactis proximata, Lecanactis pseudamylacea, Lecanactis punctiformis, Lecanactis pyrenocarpoides, Lecanactis quassiae, Lecanactis ramosus, Lecanactis ravenelii, Lecanactis redingeri, Lecanactis rhexoblephara, Lecanactis ricasolii, Lecanactis rockii, Lecanactis rubra, Lecanactis rubra, Lecanactis rufoatra, Lecanactis salicina, Lecanactis saltelii, Lecanactis scotomma, Lecanactis scotommodes, Lecanactis sect. Coniocarpon, Lecanactis sericea, Lecanactis serograpta, Lecanactis serpentinicola, Lecanactis serpentosa, Lecanactis spermatospora, Lecanactis sphaerobola, Lecanactis stellaris, Lecanactis stenhammari, Lecanactis stenhammarii, Lecanactis stictica, Lecanactis subabietina, Lecanactis subattingens, Lecanactis subattingens, Lecanactis subcaesia, Lecanactis subcalcarea, Lecanactis subdilleniana, Lecanactis subdryophila, Lecanactis subfarinosa, Lecanactis subgen. Arthoniactis, Lecanactis subgen. Lecanactis, Lecanactis subgrumulosa, Lecanactis subinusta, Lecanactis submollis, Lecanactis submorosa, Lecanactis subpremnea, Lecanactis subrigida, Lecanactis sulphurea, Lecanactis takalae, Lecanactis tenella, Lecanactis tibelliana, Lecanactis totarae, Lecanactis ulcerata, Lecanactis umbrina, Lecanactis unghvariensis, Lecanactis urceolata, Lecanactis var. monstrosa, Lecanactis varians, Lecanactis vestita, Lecanactis werneri, Lecanactis xanthococcoides, Lecanactis zahlbruckneri, Lecanactis zonata
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
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 Type of organism:? 

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