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General information

 Summary:Peridermium (Link) J.C. Schmidt & Kunze, Deutsche Schwämme: 4 (1817) [MB#16250] 
 Synonymy:≡Hypodermium subgen. Peridermium Link, Magazin der Gesellschaft Naturforschenden Freunde Berlin 8: 29 (1816) [MB#700234] 
 MycoBank #:16250 
 Authors:(Link) J.C. Schmidt & Kunze
 Authors (abbreviated):(Link) J.C. Schmidt & Kunze
 Page #:4
 Journal or book:J.C. Schmidt & Kunze 1817, Deutsche Schwämme 6: 4 
 Year of effective publication:1817
 Name type:Combination 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
142 Associated records (click to hide):
Peridermium abietinum, Peridermium abietinum var. abietinum, Peridermium abietinum var. decolorans, Peridermium acerifolium, Peridermium acicola, Peridermium acicola, Peridermium acicola, Peridermium acicolum, Peridermium apocynaceum, Peridermium appalachianum, Peridermium balansae, Peridermium balsameum, Peridermium barteti, Peridermium betheli, Peridermium bethelii, Peridermium boreale, Peridermium boudieri, Peridermium brevius, Peridermium californicum, Peridermium carneum, Peridermium carpetanum, Peridermium cedri, Peridermium cerebroides, Peridermium cerebrum, Peridermium coloradense, Peridermium columnare, Peridermium complanatum, Peridermium comptoniae, Peridermium conigenum, Peridermium conorum, Peridermium conorum-piceae, Peridermium conorum-piceae, Peridermium consimile, Peridermium cornui, Peridermium corruscans, Peridermium corticola, Peridermium corui, Peridermium decolorans, Peridermium deformans, Peridermium delicatulum, Peridermium dieteli, Peridermium dietelii, Peridermium elatinum, Peridermium elephantopi, Peridermium elephantopodis, Peridermium engelmanni, Peridermium engelmannii, Peridermium ephedrae, Peridermium ephedrae, Peridermium ephedricola, Peridermium falciforme, Peridermium filamentosum, Peridermium fischeri, Peridermium floridanum, Peridermium fragile, Peridermium fructigenum, Peridermium fusiforme, Peridermium germinale, Peridermium giganteum, Peridermium globosum, Peridermium gracile, Peridermium gracile, Peridermium guatemalense, Peridermium harknessii, Peridermium helianthi, Peridermium himalayense, Peridermium holwayi, Peridermium hydrangeae, Peridermium inconspicuum, Peridermium indicum, Peridermium ingenuum, Peridermium insulare, Peridermium intermedium, Peridermium ipomoeae, Peridermium jaapii, Peridermium japonicum, Peridermium keteleeriae-evelynianae, Peridermium klebahni, Peridermium klebahnii, Peridermium kosmahlii, Peridermium kriegerii, Peridermium krylowianum, Peridermium kunmingense, Peridermium kurilense, Peridermium laricis, Peridermium likiangense, Peridermium likiangensis, Peridermium loranthinum, Peridermium magnusianum, Peridermium magnusii, Peridermium mexicanum, Peridermium minutum, Peridermium montanum, Peridermium montezumae, Peridermium oblongisporium, Peridermium oblongisporium var. oblongisporium, Peridermium oblongisporium var. ravenelii, Peridermium oblongisporum, Peridermium occidentale, Peridermium orientale, Peridermium ornamentale, Peridermium parksianum, Peridermium peckii, Peridermium piceae, Peridermium piceae-hondoensis, Peridermium pini, Peridermium pini, Peridermium pini, Peridermium pini α acicola, Peridermium pini β truncicola, Peridermium pini-densiflorae, Peridermium pini-koraiensis, Peridermium pini-thunbergii, Peridermium pinicola, Peridermium piriforme, Peridermium plowrightii, Peridermium praelongum, Peridermium pseudo-balsameum, Peridermium pseudobalsameum, Peridermium pycnoconspicuum, Peridermium pycnogrande, Peridermium pyriforme, Peridermium ravenelii, Peridermium ribicola, Peridermium rostrupii, Peridermium rostrupii, Peridermium rugosum, Peridermium sinense, Peridermium sinensis, Peridermium soraueri, Peridermium stahlii, Peridermium stalactiforme, Peridermium strobi, Peridermium strobilinum, Peridermium terebinthinaceae, Peridermium thomsoni, Peridermium thomsonii, Peridermium truncicola, Peridermium weirii, Peridermium yamabense, Peridermium yunshae, Peridermium zilleri
 Type name:
 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:



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