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General information

 Summary:Pichia E.C. Hansen, Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie und Parasitenkunde, Abteilung 2 12: 538 (1904) [MB#4095] 
 Synonymy:=Willia subgen. Zygowillia Klöcker (1924) [MB#541253]
=Petasospora Boidin & Abadie, Bulletin de la Société Mycologique de France 70: 364 (1955) [MB#3845]
=Byrrha Bat., F. Monnier & J.S. Silveira, Anales Inst. Med. Trop.: 729 (1959) [MB#694]
=Azymohansenula E.K. Novák & Zsolt, Acta Botanica Academiae Scientiarum Hungarica 7: 99 (1961) [MB#472]
=Zymopichia E.K. Novák & Zsolt, Acta Botanica Academiae Scientiarum Hungarica 7: 99 (1961) [MB#5899]
=Kuraishia Y. Yamada, K. Maeda & Mikata, Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 58 (7): 1256 (1994) [MB#27300]
=Nakazawaea Y. Yamada, K. Maeda & Mikata, Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 58 (7): 1256 (1994) [MB#27301]
=Komagataella Y. Yamada, M. Matsuda, K. Maeda & Mikata, Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 59 (3): 444 (1995) [MB#27606]
 MycoBank #:4095 
 Authors:E.C. Hansen 
 Authors (abbreviated):E.C. Hansen 
 Page #:538 
 Year of effective publication:1904 
 Remarks:Ammended by Phaff in 1956; Kurtzman in 1984 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Pichia abadiae, Pichia abadieae, Pichia acaciae, Pichia adzetii, Pichia aganobii, Pichia agaves, Pichia alcoholophila, Pichia alni, Pichia ambrosiae, Pichia americana, Pichia amethionina, Pichia amylophila, Pichia angophorae, Pichia angusta, Pichia anomala, Pichia antillensis, Pichia barkeri, Pichia barraganii, Pichia belgica, Pichia besseyi, Pichia bimundalis, Pichia bispora, Pichia bovis, Pichia bruneiensis, Pichia burtonii, Pichia cactophila, Pichia calliphorae, Pichia canadensis, Pichia cantarellii, Pichia capsulata, Pichia caribaea, Pichia caribbica, Pichia carsonii, Pichia castellii, Pichia castillae, Pichia castinae, Pichia cecembensis, Pichia cellobiosa, Pichia cephalocereana, Pichia chambardii, Pichia chambardii, Pichia chodati, Pichia chodatii, Pichia cicatricosa, Pichia ciferrii, Pichia coudertii, Pichia crossotarsi, Pichia delftensis, Pichia derossii, Pichia deserticola, Pichia dispora, Pichia dombrowskii, Pichia dorogensis, Pichia dryadoides, Pichia dubia, Pichia dushanensis, Pichia eremophila, Pichia etchellsii, Pichia euphorbiae, Pichia euphorbiaphila, Pichia euphorbiiphila, Pichia exigua, Pichia fabianii, Pichia faecalis, Pichia farinosa, Pichia fasciculata, Pichia fermentans, Pichia fibuliger, Pichia fibuligera, Pichia finlandica, Pichia fluxorum, Pichia fluxuum, Pichia galeiformis, Pichia garciniae, Pichia gentianae, Pichia germantans, Pichia gijzeniarum, Pichia glucozyma, Pichia guilliermondii, Pichia hampshirensis, Pichia hangzhouana, Pichia hansenii, Pichia haplophila, Pichia hawaiiensis, Pichia heedii, Pichia heimii, Pichia henricii, Pichia holstii, Pichia humboldtii, Pichia hyalospora, Pichia hyalosporus, Pichia indica, Pichia inositovora, Pichia insulana, Pichia jadinii, Pichia japonica, Pichia jaroonii, Pichia juratensis, Pichia kluyveri, Pichia kluyveri, Pichia kodamae, Pichia koratensis, Pichia krusei, Pichia kudriavzevii, Pichia labacensis, Pichia lachancei, Pichia lindneri, Pichia lynferdii, Pichia maclurae, Pichia mandshurica, Pichia manshurica, Pichia marama, Pichia marconia, Pichia media, Pichia megalospora, Pichia melissophila, Pichia membranifaciens, Pichia methanolica, Pichia methanothermo, Pichia methylivora, Pichia methylivora, Pichia mexicana, Pichia meyerae, Pichia microspora, Pichia minuscula, Pichia minuta, Pichia miso, Pichia mississippiensis, Pichia misumaiensis, Pichia miyazi, Pichia mogii, Pichia moniliformis, Pichia monospora, Pichia mucosa, Pichia muscicola, Pichia myanmarensis, Pichia naganishii, Pichia nakasei, Pichia nakazawae, Pichia nanzhaoensis, Pichia neerlandica, Pichia nonfermentans, Pichia nongkratonensis, Pichia norvegensis, Pichia occidentalis, Pichia ofunaensis, Pichia ohmeri, Pichia onychis, Pichia opuntiae, Pichia orientalia, Pichia orientalis, Pichia orientalis, Pichia ovaria, Pichia panamericana, Pichia paraexigua, Pichia pastori, Pichia pastoris, Pichia petersonii, Pichia petrophila, Pichia philodendra, Pichia philodendri, Pichia philogaea, Pichia pijperi, Pichia pilisensis, Pichia pini, Pichia pinus, Pichia polymorpha, Pichia populi, Pichia porticicola, Pichia pseudocactophila, Pichia pseudocactophila, Pichia pseudopastoris, Pichia pseudopolymorpha, Pichia pulque, Pichia punctispora, Pichia quercibus, Pichia quercuum, Pichia rabaulensis, Pichia radaisii, Pichia ramenticola, Pichia rarassimilans, Pichia rhodanensis, Pichia rhodanensis, Pichia robertsiae, Pichia robertsii, Pichia rosa, Pichia saccharophila, Pichia saitoi, Pichia sake, Pichia salicaria, Pichia salictaria, Pichia sargentensis, Pichia saturnospora, Pichia scaptomyzae, Pichia scolyti, Pichia scutulata, Pichia segobiensis, Pichia siamensis, Pichia silvestris, Pichia silvicola, Pichia sorbitophila, Pichia spartinae, Pichia sporocuriosa, Pichia stipitis, Pichia strasburgensis, Pichia strassburgensis, Pichia suaveolens, Pichia subgen. Pichia, Pichia subgen. Zygopychia, Pichia subpelliculosa, Pichia sydowiorum, Pichia tainania, Pichia tainanii, Pichia tamarii, Pichia tamarindorum, Pichia tannicola, Pichia taurica, Pichia terricola, Pichia thermomethanolica, Pichia thermotolerans, Pichia toletana, Pichia trehaloabstinens, Pichia trehalophila, Pichia triangularis, Pichia uvarum, Pichia vanriji, Pichia vanrijiae, Pichia var. acidifaciens, Pichia var. sicereum, Pichia veronae, Pichia vini, Pichia wickerhamii, Pichia wickerhamii, Pichia xylopsoci, Pichia xylosa, Pichia zaruensis, Pichia zsoltii
 Type name:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:Yeast or yeast-like 

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