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General information

 Summary:Psora Hoffm., Deutschlands Flora oder botanisches Taschenbuch. Zweyter Theil für das Jahr 1795. Cryptogamie: 161 (1796) [MB#4513] 
 Synonymy:=Fritzea Stein, Krypt.-Fl. Schlesien: 114 (1879) [MB#2015]
=Peltiphylla M. Choisy, Bulletin Mensuel de la Société Linnéenne de Lyon 19: 160 (1950) [MB#3798]
 MycoBank #:4513 
 Authors (abbreviated):Hoffm.
 Page #:161
 Year of effective publication:1796
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum
 Remarks:conserved against Psora Hill 1762 (Dicot.) and Hoffmann 1789 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Psora acervulans, Psora achroopholis, Psora acutula, Psora aenea, Psora aeneiformis, Psora alabastrina, Psora albella, Psora albescens, Psora albilabra, Psora almborniana, Psora altotibetica, Psora americana, Psora anthracophila, Psora aporea, Psora armeniaca, Psora aromatica, Psora asiae-centralis, Psora asiaecentralis, Psora asiaecentralis, Psora assimilis, Psora atra, Psora atrobrunnea, Psora atrocinerea, Psora atrorufa, Psora bischoffii, Psora boissieri, Psora bracteata, Psora breviuscula, Psora brouardii, Psora brunnea, Psora brunneocarpa, Psora buettneri, Psora caelata, Psora caesia, Psora caesiella, Psora calcarea, Psora californica, Psora candelaria, Psora candida, Psora canescens, Psora caradocensis, Psora carnosa, Psora caulophylla, Psora cerebriformis, Psora chlorophaea, Psora cinerea, Psora cinereorufa, Psora cinereovirens, Psora citrina, Psora cladonioides, Psora coeruleonigricans, Psora colensoi, Psora compacta, Psora compaginata, Psora concava, Psora confertula, Psora confusa, Psora conglomerata, Psora conglomerata, Psora contortula, Psora corallina, Psora coronata, Psora coroniformis, Psora crassa, Psora crenata, Psora crepera, Psora crystallifera, Psora dactylophylla, Psora deaurata, Psora deceptoria, Psora decipiens, Psora demissa, Psora demissa, Psora denticulata, Psora elegans, Psora elenkinii, Psora endochlora, Psora endoreagens, Psora epigaea, Psora ernstiana, Psora exigua, Psora femsjonense, Psora flavescens, Psora foliata, Psora friesii, Psora frigida, Psora fuliginosa, Psora fumosa, Psora galactina, Psora galbula, Psora garovaglii, Psora garovaglioi, Psora gelidiformis, Psora glauca, Psora glaucolepida, Psora glaucolepidea, Psora glebulosa, Psora globifera, Psora granosa, Psora gresinonis, Psora grisea, Psora griseolurida, Psora gypsophila, Psora haematomma, Psora haumanii, Psora himalayana, Psora hookeri, Psora horiza, Psora hypnophana, Psora hypnorum, Psora hypophana, Psora hyporubescens, Psora hypotheja, Psora icterica, Psora inconspicua, Psora indigirkae, Psora infirmata, Psora intermediella, Psora kiiensis, Psora kiliensis, Psora koerberi, Psora kongoensis, Psora kongoënsis, Psora lactea, Psora lamprophora, Psora lentigera, Psora leucina, Psora lignyodes, Psora ligustica, Psora limprichtii, Psora lobatoplicata, Psora longiuscula, Psora lugubris, Psora lurida, Psora luridella, Psora luridopallens, Psora mammilaris, Psora mammillaris, Psora manipurensis, Psora marmorea, Psora mauritiana, Psora medusula, Psora mexicana, Psora michoacanensis, Psora microlepidea, Psora microphylla, Psora miniata, Psora minutulum, Psora montana, Psora muralis, Psora muscorum, Psora myoplaca, Psora myrmecina, Psora nicolai, Psora nigra, Psora nigrorufa, Psora nimbosa, Psora nipponica, Psora nitida, Psora novomexicana, Psora ochroxantha, Psora omphalodes, Psora opaca, Psora opaca, Psora opuntioides, Psora orbicularis, Psora oreina, Psora ostreata, Psora pachyphylla, Psora pacifica, Psora paleaceum, Psora pallescens, Psora pallidocervina, Psora panaeola, Psora paradoxa, Psora paradoxa, Psora parvifolia, Psora peltasta, Psora peltulidea, Psora peninsularis, Psora percrenata, Psora petrii, Psora pezizoides, Psora phalerata, Psora pissodes, Psora placodiiformis, Psora placodina, Psora plicatula, Psora polydactyla, Psora praestabilis, Psora prasinolepis, Psora privigna, Psora prostratula, Psora pruinosa, Psora psammophila, Psora pseudorussellii, Psora pulcherrima, Psora pycnocarpa, Psora radiosa, Psora rhizobola, Psora rubiformella, Psora rubiformis, Psora rubra, Psora rufofusca, Psora rufonigra, Psora rugifera, Psora russellii, Psora saviczii, Psora saxicola, Psora scalaris, Psora scholanderi, Psora scotopholis, Psora scruposa, Psora sessitana, Psora silenii, Psora similaris, Psora sophodes, Psora spectabilis, Psora speirea, Psora squalida, Psora squamata, Psora squamulosa, Psora subbreviuscula, Psora subconcava, Psora subdecipiens, Psora subfumosa, Psora subfusca, Psora subrubiformis, Psora subrubiformis, Psora syncomista, Psora tabacina, Psora taurensis, Psora tenuifolia, Psora tessellata, Psora testacea, Psora testudinea, Psora texana, Psora thaleriza, Psora thalloidemoides, Psora trevisanii, Psora tuckermanii, Psora tuckermanii, Psora turbinata, Psora turfacea, Psora undulata, Psora upsaliensis, Psora vallesiaca, Psora variabilis, Psora verrucarioides, Psora versicolor, Psora vesicularis, Psora viridiatra, Psora wallrothii, Psora xanthococca
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