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General information

 Summary:Stemonitis Gled., Methodus fungorum exhibens genera, species et varietates cum charactere, differentia specifica, synonomis, solo, loco et observationibus: 140 (1753) [MB#12235] 
 Synonymy:≡Clathroidastrum P. Micheli, Nova Plantarum Genera: 214, t. 94 (1729) [MB#12040]
≡Clathroidastrum P. Micheli ex Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 540 (1763) [MB#12041]
 MycoBank #:12235 
 Authors (abbreviated):Gled. 
 Page #:140 
 Year of effective publication:1753 
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Classification and associated taxa

167 Associated records (click to hide):
Stemonitis acuminata, Stemonitis aequalis, Stemonitis alba, Stemonitis alba, Stemonitis amoena, Stemonitis arcyrioides, Stemonitis arcyrioides, Stemonitis argillacea, Stemonitis atra, Stemonitis atrofusca, Stemonitis aurantia, Stemonitis axifera, Stemonitis baeuerlinii, Stemonitis bicolor, Stemonitis bicolor, Stemonitis botrytis, Stemonitis brasiliensis, Stemonitis cancellata, Stemonitis capillitionodosa, Stemonitis carestiae, Stemonitis carlylei, Stemonitis carnea, Stemonitis carnea, Stemonitis carolinensis, Stemonitis castillensis, Stemonitis chalybea, Stemonitis cinerea, Stemonitis cinnabarina, Stemonitis coccinea, Stemonitis coccinea, Stemonitis confluens, Stemonitis cribrarioides, Stemonitis crocata, Stemonitis crocea, Stemonitis crocea, Stemonitis crypta, Stemonitis curitibensis, Stemonitis cyathiformis, Stemonitis decipiens, Stemonitis denudata, Stemonitis dictyophora, Stemonitis digitata, Stemonitis echinulata, Stemonitis elegans, Stemonitis emotoi, Stemonitis farrensis, Stemonitis fasciculata, Stemonitis fasciculata, Stemonitis fasciculata, Stemonitis favoginea, Stemonitis fenestrata, Stemonitis ferruginea, Stemonitis ferruginosa, Stemonitis filicina, Stemonitis flavescens, Stemonitis flavogenita, Stemonitis floriformis, Stemonitis fluminensis, Stemonitis foliicola, Stemonitis friesiana, Stemonitis fulva, Stemonitis fulvipes, Stemonitis furfuracea, Stemonitis fusca, Stemonitis fusca, Stemonitis glauca, Stemonitis globosa, Stemonitis globosa, Stemonitis globulifera, Stemonitis graciliformis, Stemonitis grisea, Stemonitis herbatica, Stemonitis heterospora, Stemonitis hyperopta, Stemonitis incarnata, Stemonitis inconspicua, Stemonitis irregularis, Stemonitis laxa, Stemonitis laxifila, Stemonitis leucocephala, Stemonitis leucopoda, Stemonitis leucopoda, Stemonitis leucopodia, Stemonitis leucostyla, Stemonitis lichenoides, Stemonitis lignicola, Stemonitis lilacina, Stemonitis longa, Stemonitis lumbricaulis, Stemonitis lutea, Stemonitis mammosa, Stemonitis marjana, Stemonitis maxima, Stemonitis mediterraneensis, Stemonitis microsperma, Stemonitis microspora, Stemonitis minor, Stemonitis morganii, Stemonitis morthieri, Stemonitis mussooriensis, Stemonitis nigra, Stemonitis nigra, Stemonitis nigrescens, Stemonitis nivea, Stemonitis nutans, Stemonitis oblonga, Stemonitis obtusata, Stemonitis ochracea, Stemonitis ochroleuca, Stemonitis ovata, Stemonitis ovata, Stemonitis ovulum, Stemonitis pallida, Stemonitis papillata, Stemonitis physaroides, Stemonitis piriformis, Stemonitis piriformis, Stemonitis piriformis, Stemonitis plana, Stemonitis planusis, Stemonitis platensis, Stemonitis pomiformis, Stemonitis porphyra, Stemonitis pulchella, Stemonitis pumila, Stemonitis pumila, Stemonitis pyriformis, Stemonitis pyriformis, Stemonitis recutita, Stemonitis reticulata, Stemonitis reticulata, Stemonitis rhizoideipes, Stemonitis rufa, Stemonitis scintillans, Stemonitis sichuanensis, Stemonitis smithii, Stemonitis sophia, Stemonitis sphaerocarpa, Stemonitis sphaerocephala, Stemonitis splendens, Stemonitis subcaespitosa, Stemonitis subclavata, Stemonitis suksdorfii, Stemonitis sulphurea, Stemonitis syncarpa, Stemonitis tenerrima, Stemonitis tenerrima, Stemonitis travancorensis, Stemonitis trechispora, Stemonitis trichia, Stemonitis tubulina, Stemonitis typhina, Stemonitis typhina, Stemonitis typhina, Stemonitis typhina, Stemonitis typhoides, Stemonitis uvifera, Stemonitis varia, Stemonitis vesiculosa, Stemonitis vesparia, Stemonitis vesparium, Stemonitis violacea, Stemonitis violacea, Stemonitis violacea, Stemonitis virginiensis, Stemonitis viridis, Stemonitis webberi
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