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General information

 Summary:Thelidium A. Massal., Frammenti lichenografici: 15 (1855) [MB#5427] 
 Synonymy:≡Thelidiomyces Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 31, 59 (1953) [MB#5425]
=Paraphysothele Zschacke, Rabenhorst's Kryptogamen-Flora, Epigloeaceae, Verrucariaceae und Dermatocarpaceae 9(1,1): 564 (1934) [MB#3714]
=Papulare Tomas. & Cif., Archivio Botanico Italiano 28: 14 (1952) [MB#3690]
=Involucrothele Servít, Rozpravy Ceskoslovenské Akademie Ved 63 (7): 13 (1953) [MB#2495]
 MycoBank #:5427 
 Authors:A. Massalongo 
 Authors (abbreviated):A. Massal. 
 Page #:15 
 Year of effective publication:1855 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

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Thelidium absconditum, Thelidium abstractum, Thelidium acroglyptum, Thelidium acrotelloides, Thelidium acrotellum, Thelidium aeneovinosum, Thelidium aeniovinosum, Thelidium aerimontanum, Thelidium aethioboloides, Thelidium aethioboloides, Thelidium aggregatum, Thelidium algovicum, Thelidium alpinum, Thelidium amethystinum, Thelidium amylaceum, Thelidium anisomerum, Thelidium anisosporum, Thelidium antonellianum, Thelidium aphanes, Thelidium aquaticum, Thelidium ardesiacum, Thelidium areolatum, Thelidium argilospilum, Thelidium arnoldianum, Thelidium arnoldii, Thelidium asperatum, Thelidium athallinum, Thelidium aurantii, Thelidium auruntii, Thelidium austriacum, Thelidium austroatlanticum, Thelidium bavaricum, Thelidium bermudanum, Thelidium biformis, Thelidium borreri, Thelidium brachysporum, Thelidium brasiliense, Thelidium bryoctonum, Thelidium bryospilum, Thelidium bubulcae, Thelidium bucegiense, Thelidium bukovicae, Thelidium caeruleum, Thelidium calcareum, Thelidium calcivorum, Thelidium caloplacae, Thelidium carbonaceum, Thelidium cataractarum, Thelidium chibaense, Thelidium chibaense, Thelidium chlorococcum, Thelidium cinerascens, Thelidium cinerosum, Thelidium circumspersellum, Thelidium circumvallatum, Thelidium coerulescens, Thelidium coeruleum, Thelidium concinnum, Thelidium congregabile, Thelidium congregatum, Thelidium conoideum, Thelidium corconticum, Thelidium corticola, Thelidium crassum, Thelidium creticum, Thelidium croaticum, Thelidium cyacum, Thelidium dactyloideum, Thelidium decipiens, Thelidium decipiescens, Thelidium decussatum, Thelidium denudatum, Thelidium diaboli, Thelidium dionantense, Thelidium dionatense, Thelidium disjunctum, Thelidium distans, Thelidium dominans, Thelidium dufourii, Thelidium eitneri, Thelidium elaeinum, Thelidium endocalcinum, Thelidium epipolaeum, Thelidium epipolaeum, Thelidium epipolytropum, Thelidium epomphalum, Thelidium erichsenii, Thelidium exile, Thelidium explicatum, Thelidium farlowii, Thelidium flandricum, Thelidium fontigenum, Thelidium fueistingii, Thelidium fulloënse, Thelidium fumidum, Thelidium galbanum, Thelidium gemmatum, Thelidium geophilum, Thelidium gibbosum, Thelidium gisleri, Thelidium globiferum, Thelidium grummannii, Thelidium gyelnikii, Thelidium halizoa, Thelidium halodytes, Thelidium halophilum, Thelidium hammoniense, Thelidium hazslinszkyi, Thelidium heardense, Thelidium helveticum, Thelidium heterosporum, Thelidium hochstetteri, Thelidium holsaticum, Thelidium hospitum, Thelidium hymenelioides, Thelidium immersum, Thelidium impressulum, Thelidium impressum, Thelidium impressum, Thelidium inaequale, Thelidium incavatum, Thelidium incinctum, Thelidium inundatum, Thelidium irrigatum, Thelidium izuense, Thelidium izuense, Thelidium japonicum, Thelidium jeanjeani, Thelidium jizerae, Thelidium jodophilum, Thelidium juistense, Thelidium jurassicum, Thelidium kauschianum, Thelidium klementii, Thelidium kolcvarense, Thelidium kovarianum, Thelidium kutakii, Thelidium lacromense, Thelidium lacustre, Thelidium laevigatum, Thelidium lahmianum, Thelidium lapadense, Thelidium lapponicum, Thelidium larianum, Thelidium latebrosa, Thelidium leightonianum, Thelidium leightonii, Thelidium leptoterum, Thelidium leucoplacum, Thelidium lilacinum, Thelidium limitatum, Thelidium litorale, Thelidium llanoi, Thelidium lojkanum, Thelidium lojkanum, Thelidium lopadense, Thelidium luchunense, Thelidium maculiforme, Thelidium magnussonii, Thelidium mammillatum, Thelidium manganophilum, Thelidium marcianum, Thelidium margaceum, Thelidium marinum, Thelidium mastoideum, Thelidium maurospilum, Thelidium mesobolum, Thelidium mesotropum, Thelidium methorium, Thelidium metzlerianum, Thelidium meylani, Thelidium meylanii, Thelidium microbolum, Thelidium microcarpum, Thelidium microsporum, Thelidium microstictum, Thelidium minimum, Thelidium minutulum, Thelidium minutulum, Thelidium minutum, Thelidium montanum, Thelidium montinii, Thelidium montis-sancti, Thelidium myriocarpoides, Thelidium myrtilicola, Thelidium nadvornikii, Thelidium neozelandicum, Thelidium nigricans, Thelidium nylanderi, Thelidium obscurum, Thelidium ochrobaeum, Thelidium olivaceonitens, Thelidium olivaceum, Thelidium olivascens, Thelidium omblense, Thelidium opacum, Thelidium orustense, Thelidium pachysporum, Thelidium pacificum, Thelidium papillosum, Thelidium papulare, Thelidium parasiticum, Thelidium parvulum, Thelidium parvum, Thelidium pauperculum, Thelidium perexiguum, Thelidium perminutum, Thelidium perpusillum, Thelidium persicinum, Thelidium pertundens, Thelidium pertusatii, Thelidium pertusulum, Thelidium pertusurum, Thelidium piceum, Thelidium pilisense, Thelidium pinguiculum, Thelidium planatulum, Thelidium plumbeum, Thelidium pluvium, Thelidium politum, Thelidium polycarpon, Thelidium praevalescens, Thelidium prasinum, Thelidium pryenophorum, Thelidium punctatum, Thelidium pyrenaicum, Thelidium pyrenophorellum, Thelidium pyrenophorum, Thelidium quasiborreri, Thelidium quinqueseptatum, Thelidium radiatum, Thelidium rehmii, Thelidium rimosulum, Thelidium riparium, Thelidium rivale, Thelidium rivoliculum, Thelidium rivulicola, Thelidium robustum, Thelidium rubellum, Thelidium rugulosum, Thelidium salweyi, Thelidium saprophilum, Thelidium sbarbaronis, Thelidium schadeanum, Thelidium schibleri, Thelidium schleicheri, Thelidium scopolianum, Thelidium scotodes, Thelidium scrobiculare, Thelidium sinense, Thelidium sorbinum, Thelidium sordidum, Thelidium spadanum, Thelidium sparsulum, Thelidium sprucei, Thelidium stenhammarii, Thelidium stenosporum, Thelidium subabsconditum, Thelidium subcalcarium, Thelidium subconsequens, Thelidium subcontinuum, Thelidium subfuligineum, Thelidium subgelatinosum, Thelidium sublacteum, Thelidium sublitorale, Thelidium submethorium, Thelidium submethorium, Thelidium subpapulare, Thelidium subrimulatum, Thelidium subrubellum, Thelidium subsiduum, Thelidium subsimplex, Thelidium superpositum, Thelidium suzaeanum, Thelidium syltense, Thelidium syriacum, Thelidium tatricum, Thelidium terrestre, Thelidium tersum, Thelidium thuringiacum, Thelidium tiroliense, Thelidium tongleti, Thelidium tongletii, Thelidium transilvanicum, Thelidium transsilvanicum, Thelidium umbilicatum, Thelidium umbrosum, Thelidium umbrosum, Thelidium ungeri, Thelidium variabile, Thelidium velutinoides, Thelidium velutinum, Thelidium verniceum, Thelidium verrucosum, Thelidium vicinale, Thelidium viride, Thelidium viride, Thelidium wettinense, Thelidium xyloderma, Thelidium xylogenum, Thelidium xylospilum, Thelidium yunnanum, Thelidium zahlbruckneri, Thelidium zwackhii
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