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General information

 Summary:Toninia A. Massal., Ricerche sull'autonomia dei licheni crostosi: 107 (1852) [MB#5495] 
 Synonymy:≡Syncomista Nieuwl., The American Midland Naturalist 4 (1916) [MB#5334]
=Thalloedema Massalongo, Ricerche sull'autonomia dei licheni crostosi: 95 (1852) [MB#562145]
=Thalloidima A. Massal., Ricerche sull'autonomia dei licheni crostosi: 95 (1852) [MB#5393]
=Skolekites Norman, Nytt Magazin for Naturvidenskapene 7: 235 (1853) [MB#5040]
=Scolecites Stizenb., Bericht über die Tätigkeit der St. Gallischen Naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft 1861-1862: 162 (1862) [MB#4945]
=Bacillina Nyl., Les Lichens des Environs de Paris: 7 (1897) [MB#480]
=Diphloeis Clem., The genera of Fungi: 76, 174 (1909) [MB#1597]
=Kiliasia Hafellner, Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 79: 261 (1984) [MB#25646]
 MycoBank #:5495 
 Authors:A. Massalongo
 Authors (abbreviated):A. Massal.
 Page #:107
 Year of effective publication:1852
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Comment on name status:nom. cons.
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 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Toninia acarnanica, Toninia accedens, Toninia acervulans, Toninia acervulata, Toninia adscendens, Toninia afferens, Toninia affinis, Toninia aggregata, Toninia albilabra, Toninia albomarginata, Toninia alluviicola, Toninia alutacea, Toninia amphitropa, Toninia arctica, Toninia arenaria, Toninia aromatica, Toninia aromatizans, Toninia ascendens, Toninia asperella, Toninia athallina, Toninia auriculata, Toninia australiensis, Toninia australis, Toninia austroafricana, Toninia ayresiana, Toninia badia, Toninia barbeyana, Toninia boissieri, Toninia bornmuelleri, Toninia bossoniana, Toninia botryophora, Toninia bullata, Toninia bumamma, Toninia caeruleonigricans, Toninia caesiocandida, Toninia caesiopallida, Toninia cambrica, Toninia candida, Toninia caradocensis, Toninia carbonacea, Toninia carioni, Toninia carionii, Toninia carolitana, Toninia catalanica, Toninia caudata, Toninia caulescens, Toninia cervina, Toninia cinereonigra, Toninia cinereovirens, Toninia cinereovirescens, Toninia claudeliana, Toninia clemens, Toninia coccocarpoides, Toninia coelestina, Toninia coeruleonigricans, Toninia coeruleonigricans, Toninia collematicola, Toninia conferta, Toninia confusa, Toninia congesta, Toninia conglomerans, Toninia conglomerascens, Toninia conglomerata, Toninia conjungens, Toninia coquimbensis, Toninia corallina, Toninia cretica, Toninia cretzoiui, Toninia cumulata, Toninia deformans, Toninia diffracta, Toninia episema, Toninia fallasca, Toninia flava, Toninia flavida, Toninia fusispora, Toninia galbula, Toninia geoleuca, Toninia glaucocarpa, Toninia glaucomela, Toninia glebulosa, Toninia glomerans, Toninia gobica, Toninia granosa, Toninia granulans, Toninia granulosa, Toninia groenlandica, Toninia guaranitica, Toninia havaasii, Toninia hercegovinica, Toninia heterochroma, Toninia heterophora, Toninia himalayana, Toninia hosseusiana, Toninia hypsophila, Toninia iguapensis, Toninia imbricata, Toninia incretata, Toninia intermedia, Toninia intumescens, Toninia isidiata, Toninia janeirensis, Toninia johnstonii, Toninia kelleri, Toninia kerguelensis, Toninia kolax, Toninia lamprophora, Toninia lecanorina, Toninia leptogii, Toninia leucina, Toninia leucophaeopsis, Toninia lobulata, Toninia loitlesbergeri, Toninia lugubris, Toninia lurida, Toninia luridonigra, Toninia lutosa, Toninia mammilaris, Toninia mammillaris, Toninia marivalensis, Toninia marivelensis, Toninia massata, Toninia melanocarpizans, Toninia melanococca, Toninia meridionalis, Toninia mesenteriformis, Toninia mesoidea, Toninia mexicana, Toninia microlepis, Toninia multiseptata, Toninia muricola, Toninia nashii, Toninia nigrescens, Toninia nigropallida, Toninia nitida, Toninia nordlandica, Toninia ochracea, Toninia olivacea, Toninia olivaceoatra, Toninia opuntioides, Toninia oribata, Toninia pacifica, Toninia paradoxa, Toninia pelophila, Toninia pennina, Toninia philippea, Toninia physaroides, Toninia plumbina, Toninia poeltiana, Toninia poeltii, Toninia polysita, Toninia populorum, Toninia potieri, Toninia psorodosa, Toninia pulvinata, Toninia robinsonii, Toninia rosulata, Toninia ruginosa, Toninia sabulosa, Toninia sanguinaria, Toninia sbarbaronis, Toninia schafeevii, Toninia scorigena, Toninia sculpturata, Toninia sedifolia, Toninia sinensis, Toninia squalens, Toninia squalescens, Toninia squalida, Toninia squamulosa, Toninia squamulosa, Toninia squarrosa, Toninia steineri, Toninia subacervulata, Toninia subaromatica, Toninia subcandida, Toninia subcervina, Toninia subdiffracta, Toninia subdispersa, Toninia subfuscae, Toninia subimbricata, Toninia sublutescens, Toninia submamillaris, Toninia submesoidea, Toninia submexicana, Toninia subnitida, Toninia subpersonata, Toninia subrimulosa, Toninia subsp. squarrosa, Toninia subtabacina, Toninia subtalparum, Toninia subternaria, Toninia superioris, Toninia syncomista, Toninia tabacina, Toninia talparum, Toninia taurica, Toninia tecta, Toninia tenuisecta, Toninia thiopsora, Toninia toepfferi, Toninia toniniana, Toninia tristis, Toninia tumidula, Toninia turneri, Toninia ualae, Toninia verrucariae, Toninia verrucarioides, Toninia verrucosa, Toninia verruculosa, Toninia vesicularis, Toninia violacea, Toninia weberi, Toninia wetmorei, Toninia zsakii
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