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General information

 Summary:Trichia Haller, Historia stirpium indigenarum Helvetiae inchoata: 114 (1768) [MB#12246] 
 Synonymy:≡Trichidium Raf.: 211 (1815) [MB#12247]
=Trichulius Schmidel ex Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 5: 20 (1842) [MB#12249]
 MycoBank #:12246 
 Authors (abbreviated):Haller 
 Page #:114 
 Journal or book:Haller 1768, Hist. Stirp. Helv. 3: 114 
 Year of effective publication:1768 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Remarks:Clathroides Micheli and Clathroidastrum Micheli are mentioned as synonyms 
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 Human pathogenicity code:- 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Trichia abietina, Trichia abrupta, Trichia aculeata, Trichia advenula, Trichia affinis, Trichia agaves, Trichia alata, Trichia alba, Trichia alba, Trichia alba, Trichia alba, Trichia alpina, Trichia ambigua, Trichia angulata, Trichia anomala, Trichia antarctica, Trichia antartica, Trichia antiades, Trichia applanata, Trichia arcyriaeformis, Trichia arcyriiformis, Trichia argillacea, Trichia arundinariae, Trichia asiatica, Trichia aurantia, Trichia aurea, Trichia axifera, Trichia ayresii, Trichia badia, Trichia balfourii, Trichia bavarica, Trichia bicolor, Trichia botrytis, Trichia botrytis, Trichia brevicapillata, Trichia brimsiorum, Trichia brunnea, Trichia caerulea, Trichia capsulifera, Trichia carlyleana, Trichia carnea, Trichia cascadensis, Trichia cerina, Trichia cernua, Trichia cernua, Trichia chalybea, Trichia chrysosperma, Trichia cinerea, Trichia cinerea, Trichia cinnabarina, Trichia cinnabarina, Trichia cinnabaris, Trichia cinnabaris, Trichia circumscissa, Trichia circumscissa, Trichia citrina, Trichia clavata, Trichia clavata, Trichia coccinea, Trichia columbina, Trichia compressa, Trichia conglobata, Trichia contorta, Trichia contorta, Trichia cordata, Trichia crassa, Trichia crateriformis, Trichia craterioides, Trichia craterioides, Trichia crenulata, Trichia curreyi, Trichia cylindrica, Trichia decaisneana, Trichia decipiens, Trichia deformis, Trichia denudata, Trichia depressa, Trichia difformis, Trichia drakei, Trichia drakii, Trichia elaterensis, Trichia elongata, Trichia erecta, Trichia erythropus, Trichia expansa, Trichia fallax, Trichia farinacea, Trichia farinacea, Trichia fasciculata, Trichia favoginea, Trichia fernbankensis, Trichia filamentosa, Trichia fimicola, Trichia flagellifer, Trichia flagellifera, Trichia flavicoma, Trichia flexuosa, Trichia flexuose, Trichia floriformis, Trichia floripara, Trichia fragiformis, Trichia fragilis, Trichia fulva, Trichia fulva, Trichia furcata, Trichia furfuracea, Trichia fuscoatra, Trichia globosa, Trichia globulifera, Trichia glomerata, Trichia graniformis, Trichia gymnosperma, Trichia hemisphaerica, Trichia heteroelaterum, Trichia heterotricha, Trichia huizhongii, Trichia inconspicua, Trichia intermedia, Trichia intermedia, Trichia intricata, Trichia iowensis, Trichia jackii, Trichia jowensis, Trichia kalbreyeri, Trichia kickxii, Trichia lateritia, Trichia lenticularis, Trichia leucopoda, Trichia leucopodia, Trichia leucopodia, Trichia leucopodia, Trichia leucopodia, Trichia lichenoides, Trichia lorinseriana, Trichia lutea, Trichia lutea, Trichia lutescens, Trichia macbridei, Trichia macrocarpa, Trichia macrospora, Trichia metallica, Trichia meylanii, Trichia microcarpa, Trichia microspora, Trichia miniata, Trichia minima, Trichia minuta, Trichia mirabilis, Trichia mucoriformis, Trichia munda, Trichia nana, Trichia nana, Trichia neesiana, Trichia nigra, Trichia nigripes, Trichia nigripes, Trichia nigripes d vulgaris, Trichia nitens, Trichia nitens, Trichia nitens, Trichia nitens, Trichia nivea, Trichia nivea, Trichia nivicola, Trichia nodosa, Trichia notata, Trichia notata, Trichia nuda, Trichia nuda, Trichia nutans, Trichia nutans, Trichia obtusa, Trichia olivacea, Trichia olivacea, Trichia operculata, Trichia ovalispora, Trichia ovata, Trichia pachyderma, Trichia papillata, Trichia perichaenoides, Trichia persimilis, Trichia physaroides, Trichia piriformis, Trichia piriformis, Trichia piriformis, Trichia piriformis, Trichia plantaginea, Trichia polymorpha, Trichia proximella, Trichia pulchella, Trichia punctulata, Trichia punicea, Trichia purpurascens, Trichia purpurea, Trichia pusilla, Trichia pusilla, Trichia pyriformis, Trichia pyriformis, Trichia pyriformis, Trichia ramosa, Trichia ramosa, Trichia ramulosa, Trichia reniformis, Trichia reticulata, Trichia reticulata, Trichia retiformis, Trichia rostafinskii, Trichia rubiformis, Trichia rubiformis, Trichia rufa, Trichia rufa, Trichia rufescens, Trichia rugosa, Trichia scabra, Trichia semicancellata, Trichia serotina, Trichia serpula, Trichia sordida, Trichia sphaerica, Trichia sphaerocarpa, Trichia sphaerocephala, Trichia sphaerocephala, Trichia splendens, Trichia spongioides, Trichia squamulosa, Trichia stuhlmannii, Trichia subfusca, Trichia subretispora, Trichia subretisporum, Trichia sulphurea, Trichia superba, Trichia synspora, Trichia synsporum, Trichia synsporum, Trichia thwaitesii, Trichia tigrina, Trichia torispiralis, Trichia turbinata, Trichia turbinata, Trichia turbinata, Trichia typhoides, Trichia utricularis, Trichia var. aurantiaca, Trichia var. cordata, Trichia var. genuina, Trichia var. lorinseriana, Trichia var. piriformis, Trichia var. scabra, Trichia var. serotina, Trichia var. serotina, Trichia var. tenella, Trichia varia, Trichia variabilis, Trichia venosa, Trichia venosa, Trichia verrucosa, Trichia violacea, Trichia virescens, Trichia virgineum, Trichia viridis, Trichia vulgaris
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