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General information

 Summary:Urceolaria Bonord., Handbuch der allgemeinen Mykologie: 203, 311 (1851) [MB#5681] 
 MycoBank #:5681 
 Authors (abbreviated):Bonord. 
 Page #:203, 311 
 Year of effective publication:1851 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Illegitimate 
 Comment on name status:Art. 53.1, homonym, non Urceolaria Molina ex Brandis 1786 (Gesneriaceae) 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

241 Associated records (click to hide):
Urceolaria acharii, Urceolaria actinostoma, Urceolaria acuteareolata, Urceolaria aenea, Urceolaria aeneola, Urceolaria africana, Urceolaria agelaea, Urceolaria ageleia, Urceolaria alba, Urceolaria albescens, Urceolaria albicans, Urceolaria albissima, Urceolaria alpina, Urceolaria ameliensis, Urceolaria anactina, Urceolaria angelorum, Urceolaria apicalis, Urceolaria aquatica, Urceolaria areolata, Urceolaria argena, Urceolaria argillosa, Urceolaria armeniaca, Urceolaria athallina, Urceolaria atroalba, Urceolaria australis, Urceolaria austronorvegica, Urceolaria bahusiensis, Urceolaria bispora, Urceolaria bricconensis, Urceolaria bryophila, Urceolaria bryophiloides, Urceolaria bullosa, Urceolaria caesioalba, Urceolaria caesiocinerea, Urceolaria caesiopruinosa, Urceolaria calcarea, Urceolaria canina, Urceolaria capitata, Urceolaria castanea, Urceolaria cenisia, Urceolaria ceracea, Urceolaria chalybaeodes, Urceolaria charidema, Urceolaria chloroleuca, Urceolaria choridema, Urceolaria choroleuca, Urceolaria cinchonarum, Urceolaria cinerea, Urceolaria cinereocaesia, Urceolaria cinereoflavida, Urceolaria cinereorufescens, Urceolaria citrina, Urceolaria clausa, Urceolaria compuncta, Urceolaria conferta, Urceolaria confluens, Urceolaria constellata, Urceolaria contorta, Urceolaria contortoides, Urceolaria corallina, Urceolaria corsicana, Urceolaria corticola, Urceolaria cretacea, Urceolaria crustulans, Urceolaria cupreoglauca, Urceolaria cupreola, Urceolaria cupulifera, Urceolaria cyrtaspis, Urceolaria czarnohorensis, Urceolaria danubica, Urceolaria deuteria, Urceolaria diacapsis, Urceolaria diacaspis, Urceolaria diamarta, Urceolaria diffracta, Urceolaria dillenii, Urceolaria dominiana, Urceolaria eluta, Urceolaria endochlora, Urceolaria epiglypta, Urceolaria erubescens, Urceolaria esculenta, Urceolaria euganea, Urceolaria exanthematica, Urceolaria exanthemica, Urceolaria excavata, Urceolaria ferruginea, Urceolaria fimbriata, Urceolaria fluvialis, Urceolaria foveolaris, Urceolaria fuliginosa, Urceolaria gagei, Urceolaria geographica, Urceolaria geoica, Urceolaria gibbosa, Urceolaria gibbosula, Urceolaria glacialis, Urceolaria glaucopis, Urceolaria gypsacea, Urceolaria gyrodes, Urceolaria helicopis, Urceolaria helladica, Urceolaria henricii, Urceolaria heterothallina, Urceolaria hoffmannii, Urceolaria holmiensis, Urceolaria hultingii, Urceolaria humilis, Urceolaria hypoleuca, Urceolaria hypoleuca, Urceolaria impolita, Urceolaria incrassata, Urceolaria indurata, Urceolaria intermutans, Urceolaria interpediens, Urceolaria inundata, Urceolaria isidiata, Urceolaria karelica, Urceolaria kukriensis, Urceolaria lacustris, Urceolaria laevata, Urceolaria laevatoides, Urceolaria laeviuscula, Urceolaria lamarckii, Urceolaria laxula, Urceolaria lepadina, Urceolaria leproides, Urceolaria leptoderma, Urceolaria lichenicola, Urceolaria lignaria, Urceolaria lignicola, Urceolaria litorea, Urceolaria macra, Urceolaria macrophthalma, Urceolaria maiuscula, Urceolaria malmeana, Urceolaria mazarina, Urceolaria mazarinoides, Urceolaria micans, Urceolaria microareolata, Urceolaria microcelis, Urceolaria microlepis, Urceolaria microspora, Urceolaria minor, Urceolaria molliuscula, Urceolaria mosaica, Urceolaria musiva, Urceolaria mutabilis, Urceolaria myrini, Urceolaria myrinii, Urceolaria nicaeensis, Urceolaria nicaeensis, Urceolaria nigritella, Urceolaria nitescens, Urceolaria nivea, Urceolaria nodulosa, Urceolaria notata, Urceolaria novae-zealandiae, Urceolaria novae-zelandiae, Urceolaria obscurascens, Urceolaria obscurata, Urceolaria obvallata, Urceolaria ocellata, Urceolaria ocellata, Urceolaria ocellulata, Urceolaria oederi, Urceolaria olivacea, Urceolaria opegraphoides, Urceolaria panyrga, Urceolaria patellaris, Urceolaria pavimentans, Urceolaria pelobotrya, Urceolaria pelobotryon, Urceolaria pergibbosa, Urceolaria perimelas, Urceolaria pilisensis, Urceolaria planata, Urceolaria plumbea, Urceolaria porphyrica, Urceolaria pragensis, Urceolaria prevostii, Urceolaria proluta, Urceolaria protuberans, Urceolaria rampoddensis, Urceolaria recondita, Urceolaria repanda, Urceolaria reticulata, Urceolaria rhizophora, Urceolaria rhodopis, Urceolaria rhyzocarpon, Urceolaria rimulosa, Urceolaria rostrelensis, Urceolaria rufescens, Urceolaria scabra, Urceolaria schleicheri, Urceolaria scopulicola, Urceolaria scotica, Urceolaria scruposa, Urceolaria scruposula, Urceolaria scruposula, Urceolaria segestria, Urceolaria sicula, Urceolaria solitaria, Urceolaria sordida, Urceolaria spectabilis, Urceolaria spilomatica, Urceolaria steifensandii, Urceolaria stictica, Urceolaria striata, Urceolaria suaveolens, Urceolaria suavevolens, Urceolaria subcinerea, Urceolaria subcoerulea, Urceolaria subcuprea, Urceolaria subdepressa, Urceolaria sublecideoides, Urceolaria submersa, Urceolaria subocellata, Urceolaria subochracea, Urceolaria subscruposa, Urceolaria subsordida, Urceolaria tenuicorticata, Urceolaria tessellata, Urceolaria tessulata, Urceolaria thelotremoides, Urceolaria tigrina, Urceolaria torrentina, Urceolaria var. albissima, Urceolaria var. aperta, Urceolaria var. dedalaea, Urceolaria var. farinosa, Urceolaria var. impressus, Urceolaria var. polygonia, Urceolaria var. thelotremoides, Urceolaria variolarioides, Urceolaria venosa, Urceolaria verrucosa, Urceolaria villarsii, Urceolaria violaria, Urceolaria viridescens, Urceolaria wulfenii
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