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General information

 Summary:Bilimbia De Not. (1846) [MB#572] 
 Synonymy:≡Mycobilimbia Rehm, Rabenhorst's Kryptogamen-Flora, Pilze - Ascomyceten 1(3): 295, 327 (1889) [MB#3308]
≡Bacidia sect. Bilimbia (De Not.) Malme, Arkiv før Botanik 27A (5): 3 (1935) [MB#516220]
=Probilimbia Vain., Termeszetrajzi Füzetek 22: 318 (1899) [MB#4367]
 MycoBank #:572 
 Authors:De Notaris 
 Authors (abbreviated):De Not. 
 Year of effective publication:1846 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Illegitimate 
 Comment on name status:Art. 53.1, homonym, non Bilimbia Rchb. 1837 (Averrhoaceae) 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Bilimbia abietina, Bilimbia accedens, Bilimbia acclinis, Bilimbia acerina, Bilimbia acervulata, Bilimbia alabastrites, Bilimbia albescens, Bilimbia albicans, Bilimbia albicerata, Bilimbia albidocarnea, Bilimbia albidocincta, Bilimbia albidolivens, Bilimbia allotropa, Bilimbia amylacea, Bilimbia annua, Bilimbia anomala, Bilimbia aparallacta, Bilimbia arceutinoides, Bilimbia arnoldii, Bilimbia aromatica, Bilimbia arthoniza, Bilimbia artyta, Bilimbia artytoides, Bilimbia athalloides, Bilimbia atrocandida, Bilimbia atrogrisea, Bilimbia atrolivida, Bilimbia atropurpurea, Bilimbia aurata, Bilimbia bacidioides, Bilimbia badensis, Bilimbia banatica, Bilimbia borborodes, Bilimbia bouteillei, Bilimbia brittoniana, Bilimbia brouardii, Bilimbia byssoboliza, Bilimbia cacoti, Bilimbia caesiomarginata, Bilimbia calcariella, Bilimbia caloosensis, Bilimbia cambrica, Bilimbia candida, Bilimbia capitata, Bilimbia caradocensis, Bilimbia carbonacea, Bilimbia carneofusca, Bilimbia caryotae, Bilimbia caudata, Bilimbia caulescens, Bilimbia chlorococca, Bilimbia chlorotica, Bilimbia chytrina, Bilimbia cinerea, Bilimbia cinereoglauca, Bilimbia cinereovirens, Bilimbia clavigera, Bilimbia coniangioides, Bilimbia coprodes, Bilimbia corcovadensis, Bilimbia corisopitensis, Bilimbia crozalsiana, Bilimbia cuprea, Bilimbia cyrtella, Bilimbia decedens, Bilimbia declinis, Bilimbia deducta, Bilimbia delicatula, Bilimbia deposita, Bilimbia dispersella, Bilimbia dolosa, Bilimbia effusa, Bilimbia elegans, Bilimbia epimelas, Bilimbia episema, Bilimbia epixanthina, Bilimbia epixanthoides, Bilimbia erysibella, Bilimbia erysiboides, Bilimbia f. luteorosella, Bilimbia faginea, Bilimbia fallasca, Bilimbia farinosa, Bilimbia faroeensis, Bilimbia finkii, Bilimbia fiumensis, Bilimbia flavidosulphurea, Bilimbia floridana, Bilimbia fraterculans, Bilimbia fritzei, Bilimbia fusca, Bilimbia fuscatula, Bilimbia fuscoviridis, Bilimbia gabrielis, Bilimbia galbinea, Bilimbia gallica, Bilimbia gelatinoides, Bilimbia glaucomaria, Bilimbia globulosa, Bilimbia gomphillacea, Bilimbia granosa, Bilimbia granulans, Bilimbia grossa, Bilimbia gyalectiformis, Bilimbia gyalizella, Bilimbia helipolioides, Bilimbia hemipolioides, Bilimbia heppii, Bilimbia herbidula, Bilimbia hexamera, Bilimbia hormospora, Bilimbia hyalinescens, Bilimbia hypnophila, Bilimbia igniarii, Bilimbia iloilensis, Bilimbia ilyophora, Bilimbia incrassata, Bilimbia intercedens, Bilimbia intermixta, Bilimbia interspersula, Bilimbia jeanjeani, Bilimbia killiasii, Bilimbia lecideoides, Bilimbia lecideoides, Bilimbia lecidoides, Bilimbia lenticularis, Bilimbia leprosula, Bilimbia leptalea, Bilimbia leptosperma, Bilimbia lerati, Bilimbia leratii, Bilimbia leucoblephara, Bilimbia leucophaea, Bilimbia leucophaeopsis, Bilimbia lignaria, Bilimbia livida, Bilimbia lividofusca, Bilimbia lividonigricans, Bilimbia lobulata, Bilimbia lubens, Bilimbia lugubris, Bilimbia lyngeana, Bilimbia macrocorpa, Bilimbia magellanica, Bilimbia maravalensis, Bilimbia marginata, Bilimbia mastophoriza, Bilimbia meadii, Bilimbia meizospora, Bilimbia melaena, Bilimbia melaenida, Bilimbia mesoidea, Bilimbia metamorphea, Bilimbia microcarpa, Bilimbia microdiscus, Bilimbia micromma, Bilimbia microphana, Bilimbia milliaria, Bilimbia minima, Bilimbia minutula, Bilimbia mixta, Bilimbia molybditis, Bilimbia mucida, Bilimbia mullea, Bilimbia multiseptata, Bilimbia muscorum, Bilimbia myriocarpa, Bilimbia myrtillicola, Bilimbia naegelii, Bilimbia nanipara, Bilimbia nidulans, Bilimbia nigrescens, Bilimbia nitschkeana, Bilimbia notarisiana, Bilimbia novae-caledoniae, Bilimbia novohebridica, Bilimbia obscurata, Bilimbia ocelliformis, Bilimbia pachycarpa, Bilimbia pallens, Bilimbia pallidissima, Bilimbia palmicola, Bilimbia pammellii, Bilimbia peliocarpa, Bilimbia philippina, Bilimbia pictonica, Bilimbia pineti, Bilimbia pinguicula, Bilimbia pitardii, Bilimbia plumbina, Bilimbia polillensis, Bilimbia poliocheila, Bilimbia populorum, Bilimbia prasinoides, Bilimbia premnea, Bilimbia premneoides, Bilimbia protuberans, Bilimbia psorodosa, Bilimbia pulchra, Bilimbia pusilla, Bilimbia pusilla, Bilimbia pyrenocarpoides, Bilimbia quintula, Bilimbia radicicola, Bilimbia ravenelii, Bilimbia regeliana, Bilimbia rhaphidophylli, Bilimbia rhaphydophylli, Bilimbia rhapidophylli, Bilimbia rhapydophylli, Bilimbia rhexoblephara, Bilimbia rhyparabola, Bilimbia rhyparobola, Bilimbia rivulicola, Bilimbia rizalensis, Bilimbia rubidofusca, Bilimbia rubiginosa, Bilimbia rubricosa, Bilimbia rufidula, Bilimbia rufopunctata, Bilimbia sabuletorum, Bilimbia sabulosa, Bilimbia salevensis, Bilimbia sanguinaria, Bilimbia sardoa, Bilimbia saxigena, Bilimbia scoliciosporoides, Bilimbia sect. Bilimbia, Bilimbia sect. Rhopalospora, Bilimbia sibiriensis, Bilimbia sordida, Bilimbia spartii, Bilimbia sphaeroides, Bilimbia sphaeroidiza, Bilimbia spododes, Bilimbia squalida, Bilimbia squamulosa, Bilimbia stenhammarii, Bilimbia stereocaulorum, Bilimbia stevensonii, Bilimbia stictarum, Bilimbia suballinita, Bilimbia subcoprodes, Bilimbia subfuscae, Bilimbia subfuscaria, Bilimbia subfuscula, Bilimbia subglobulosa, Bilimbia sublecanorina, Bilimbia subleprosula, Bilimbia sublubens, Bilimbia sublutescens, Bilimbia submilliaria, Bilimbia subsphaeroides, Bilimbia subtrachona, Bilimbia subturgidula, Bilimbia subviridescens, Bilimbia syncomista, Bilimbia tempeltonii, Bilimbia templetonii, Bilimbia ternaria, Bilimbia terrestris, Bilimbia tetramera, Bilimbia thysanota, Bilimbia tornensis, Bilimbia trachona, Bilimbia translucida, Bilimbia tricholoma, Bilimbia tricolor, Bilimbia trigemmis, Bilimbia triplicans, Bilimbia trisepta, Bilimbia triseptata, Bilimbia triseptatula, Bilimbia triseptatuloides, Bilimbia triseptulans, Bilimbia turneri, Bilimbia tylocarpa, Bilimbia vagula, Bilimbia vallis-tellinae, Bilimbia vallistellinae, Bilimbia verecundula, Bilimbia vernalis, Bilimbia viarum, Bilimbia violacea, Bilimbia visianica, Bilimbia vouauxii, Bilimbia vouauxii, Bilimbia weberi
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