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 Add this item to the list   Thorn 990707/02 - UWO holotype
MycoBank Typification #(MBT):375422 
Identified as:
Herbarium records:
Remarks specimen:isotype: AMB n. 18106 
Collected by:RG Thorn 
Collection date:1999-07-07 
Location details:Puntarenas Province, Wilson Botanical Garden near San Vito, West Bank Trail at top of stairs past Rio Jaba, approx. 8.788° N 82.964° W, at approx. 1080 m 
Locality (country, state, sity, etc):
(10.000000°; -84.000000°; ?) ± ? km (Hide map)
Substrate details:on dead log and adjacent fallen branches in wet primary Premontane Rain Forest (Holdridge 1971)