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 Add this item to the list   KRAM L-70178 holotype
MycoBank Typification #(MBT):384288 
Identified as:
Herbarium records:
Remarks specimen:isotype LPB 
Collected by:A. Flakus 
Collectors number:25452 
Collection date:2014-11-19 
Location details:DEPT. LA PAZ: Prov. Franz Tamayo, Parque Nacional y Área Natural de Manejo Integrado Madidi, Chuñuna above Keara, 14º41’11”S, 69º05’30”W, 4053 m, Polylepis pepei forest 
Locality (country, state, sity, etc):
(-14.686389°; -69.091667°; 4053.0) ± ? km (Hide map)
Substrate details:soil