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MycoBank Typification #(MBT):384954 
Identified as:
Herbarium records:
Remarks specimen:duplicates: PC0713878, HSC G1252 
Collected by:T. Henkel 
Collection date:2014-08-23 
Location details:East Province, Dja Biosphere Reserve, Northwest Sector near the village of Somalomo, Upper Dja River Basin, within 2 km radius of Dja base camp located at 3° 21' 29.8" N; 12° 43' 46.9" W, 650 m alt,  
Locality (country, state, sity, etc):
(3.358278°; -12.729694°; 650.0) ± ? km (Hide map)
Host:Gilbertiodendron dewevrei 
Substrate details:on soil