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MycoBank Typification #(MBT):389519 
Identified as:
Herbarium records:
Collected by:F. Bungartz 
Collectors number:10352 
Collection date:2012-05-05 
Location details:Volcán Cerro Azul, lower slopes of small, vegetated peak along the western crater rim, 0˚56'20.4''S, 91˚25'24''W, 1630 m, high altitude dry zone, large basalt rock outcrop (basalt cliff) below the highest point of the volcano, surrounded by black volcanic ash fields, few grasses and sedges (Cyperus anderssonii), Alternathera, and some ferns, on north facing, sunny, wind- and rain exposed rock 
Locality (country, state, sity, etc):
(-0.939000°; -91.423333°; 1630.0) ± ? km (Hide map)
Substrate details:rock