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MycoBank Typification #(MBT):389520 
Identified as:
Herbarium records:
Collected by:F. Bungartz 
Collectors number:7008 
Collection date:2007-09-10 
Location details:Isabela Island, Las Tintoreras (small island in front of Puerto Villamil at the S-coast of Isabela), 0˚58’13.6” S, 90˚57’39” W, 13 m alt., coastal zone, young lava flow of AA-lava bare of vegetation, on SW-exposed sunny, wind- and rain-exposed slope of lava piece 
Locality (country, state, sity, etc):
(-0.970444°; -90.960833°; 13.0) ± ? km (Hide map)
Substrate details:rock