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File type:drawing (microscopic) 
File by:Luck-Allen 
Device directory:CD\0002\0005 
Page number:1042 
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Remarks:Figs. 36A-46. Basidiodendron cinerea. Figs. 36A-38. Probasidia in varied stages of development, with dendrophysis in Fig. 37, TRTC 20798, 31478. Fig. 39. Young 2-celled basidium, probasidium, and a collapsed basidium, TRTC 31484. Fig. 40. Fertile stalk with involucre of collapsed basidia, probasidium, and 2-celled basidium, a dendrophysis projects slightly beyond, TRTC 31393. Fig. 41. Tortuous dendrophysis. Fig. 42. Two-celled basidium with tubular protosterigmata, TRTC 31462. Fig. 43. Clusters of probasidia, and a 3-celled basidium; at the far right, a gloeocystidium arising at a clamp connection on the fertile stalk, TRTC 16876. Fig. 44. Fertile stalk with two collapsed basidia, probasidium, and a 4-celled basidium, TRTC 31484. Fig. 45. Basidiospores, two germinating. Fig. 46. Two gloeocystidia, TRTC 17503.
Note: All figures were drawn with the aid of a camera lucida at approximately x 2400 and reproduced to approximately x 1600.
  • Record #12234