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File type:unknown 
File by:Li et al. 
Device directory:CD\0002\0005 
Page number:224 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Metacordyceps guniujiangensis A. Stromata of Metacordyceps guniujiangensis, bar = 1 cm; B. Fertile stromata showing fertile part and sterile tip, bar = 2.5 mm; C. Section showing oblique orientation of perithecia, bar = 1 mm; D. Perithecia, bar = 500 µm; E. Upper part of an ascus, bar = 5 µm; F. A discharged ascospore, bar = 50 µm; G. Multiseptate nonfragmenting ascospores, bar = 10 µm. 
  • Record #12367