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File type:drawing (microscopic) 
File by:Nobles & Frew 
Device directory:CD\0002\0006 
Page number:1012 
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Remarks:Pycnoporus sanguineus. Figs. 78 to 87. Microscopic structures from cultures. Fig. 78. Hypha from advancing zone. Fig. 79. Nodose-septate hypha from aerial mycelium. Fig. 80. Oidiophores and oidia. Fig. 81. Chlamydospores. Figs. 82, 83, Branched fiber hyphae. Fig. 84. Staghorn branched hyphae. Figs. 85, 86. Basidia. Fig. 87. Basidiospores. Figs. 88 to 98. Microscopic structures from carpophores. Fig. 88. Nodose-septate hyphae from margin. Fig. 89. Nodose-septate hyphae showing anastomoses, from margin and transition 1ayer between context and tubes. Fig. 90. Point of origin of broad fiber hypha, subtended by a clamp. Fig. 91. Tips of broad fiber hyphae, with walls slightly thickened and thick. Fig. 92. Irregular fiber hypha with wall slightly thickened, from upper surface. Fig. 93. Broad fiber hypha coated with orange granules. Fig. 94. Thickwalled to solid fiber hyphae from context. Fig. 95. Narrow branched fiber hypha and broad unbranched fiber hypha from transition zone between context and trama. Fig. 96, Thick-walled branched binding hypha and broad unbranched fiber hypha from context. Fig. 97. Basidia. Fig. 98. Basidiospores. All x 750 except 86, 87, 97, 98, x 900. 
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