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File type:drawing (microscopic) 
File by:Miller, Aime & Henkel 
Journal, Volume, First page:Mycotaxon 121 p233 
Page number:240 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Russula myrmecobroma (Miller 10109), microscopic features. 12. Diagram of a section of the two-layered pileipellis; the suprapellis is a trichodermial palisade over a thin pseudoparenchymatous subpellis. 13. Elements of the suprapellis. 14. Elements of the stipitipellis. 15. Hymenial cystidia. 16. Marginal cells. 17. Basidia. 18. Basidiospores. Scale bars = 10 µm. 
  • Russula-myrmecobroma-fig4.jpg