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File type:unknown 
File by:Fan & Bau 
Journal, Volume, First page:Mycotaxon 123 p169 
Page number:173 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Inocybe caroticolor (HMJAU 23271, holotype [except for c & e]). a. Basidiomata. b. Pileipellis. c. Basidiospores (HMJAU 24615). d. Basidiospores. e. Basidiospores (HMJAU 24614). f. Pleurocystidia. g. Basidia and sterile cells. h. Cheilocystidia, paracystidia, and basidium. i. Caulocystidia, paracystidia, and hypha. Scale bars: a = 10 mm, b-e = 10 µm, f-i = 20 µm. 
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