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File type:macrophoto 
File by:Hosen & Yang 
Journal, Volume, First page:mycotaxon 124 p341 
Page number:344 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Coniolepiota spongodes. a-b. Basidiomata show gray lilac velar coverings on the surface of pileus and stipe. c. Hymenophore showing free, crowded, pallid to cream-white lamellae with powdery warts hanging over the margin. d. Gray lilac velar coverings disappearing from the surface of the pileus and stipe at maturity and/or handing. (a = HKAS 77576; b = HKAS 60246; c = SHAF 5; d = HKAS 77574). Photos: a, c, d, Md. Iqbal Hosen; b, Zai-Wei Ge. 
  • Coniolepiota-spongodes-fig2.jpg