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File type:micrograph 
File by:Largent et al 
Journal, Volume, First page:Mycotaxon 125 p11 
Page number:32 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Leptonia umbraphila
{DLL 9629 A-E; DLL 9792 F}. A: Basidiospores; B: 1-2 sterigmate basidia; C: Clavate cheilocystidia with brownish cytoplasmic pigment; D: Pileipellis, pileocystidia and cytoplasmic plaque-like pigment; E: Pileal trama with brilliant granules and parietal pigment (arrow); F: Pileipellis. Bars: A = 7 µm; B = 20µm; C = 30 µm; D = 20 µm; E = µm; F = 65 µm.
  • Leptonia-umbraphila-fig10.jpg