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File type:micrograph 
File by:Yang and Hong 
Page number:173 
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Remarks:Phytophthora virginiana Fig 4. . Morphology of asexual structures. A-G: Sporangia in various shapes; A; Ovoid sporangium; B: Ovoid sporangium appearing semi-papillate just before releasing zoospores; C: Limoniform sporangium; D: Ellipsoid sporangium; E: Obpyriform sporangium; F: Distorted, peapod-shaped sporangium; G: Distorted, peanut-shaped sporangia. H: Extended proliferation. I-K: Nested proliferation with intercalary swelling on sporangiophore in K. L: Sporangium releasing zoospores with an incipient proliferation. M-N: Distorted hyphal swellings. O: Intercalary swelling. P: Lateral chlamydospore and hyphal swelling. Q-S: Lateral chlamydospores; S: Lateral chlamydospore with a tapered base on a short stalk. T: Terminal, aborted chlamydospore. Bars = 10 µm.

  • Phytophthora-virginiana-Fig-4.jpg