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File type:micrograph 
File by:Largent, Bergemann, & Abell-Davis 
Page number:353 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Entoloma rugosiviscosum Plate 9.
(A. DLL9676 holotype; B–D. DLL 9644, 1% phloxine stain). A. Basidiospores. B. Basidia, basidioles, clamp connection. C. Lamellar trama with gelatinized subhymenium, section slightly squashed. D. Pileipellis, an ixotrichodermium. Bars: A = 5 µm; B = 8 µm; C, D = 40 µm.
  • Entoloma-rugosiviscosum-Plate-9.jpg