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File type:micrograph 
File by:H.J.Schroers 
Device directory:CD\0001\0002 
Page number:149 
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Remarks:Fig. 59. Bionectria pityrodes. a. Habit of crowded perithecia. b-e. Sections through stroma, perithecia, and sporodochium (b). b. Perithecia with cupulate sporodochium. c, d. Lateral perithecial wall consisting of three regions. e. Stroma erumpent through bark, prosenchymatous cells showing hyphal characteristics, continuous with inner perithecial wall re-gion. f-i. Surface and subsurface views of perithecial wall regions; walls of adjacent, subglobose cells in outermost perithe-cial wall layers loosely connected (f); angular to subglobose cells of outermost perithecial wall region (g). h. Intertwined hyphae of middle region. i. Lobed Cells of inner region, with 'pseudopores'. - a-e: Dumont-VE 3222; f, h: G.J.S. 898; g, i: Dumont-VE 3935. All from natural substratum. a: DM; b: LM; c-i: DIC. Scale bars: a = 500 µm; b = 250 µm; c, e = 50 µm; d = 30 µm; f-g = 10 µm; h, i = 10 µm. 
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