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File type:micrograph 
File by:H.J.Schroers 
Device directory:CD\0001\0002 
Page number:150 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Fig. 60. Bionectria pityrodes / Clonostachys pityrodes. a. Almost mature ascus containing 4 ascospores. b. Mature, bean-shaped ascospores in optical section. c, d. Longitudinal sections through mature sporodochia, phialides and conidiophores forming textura porrecta; sporodochium cupulate; margin consisting of sterile or fertile hyphae; base erumpent through bark, consisting of prosenchymatous cells. e, f. Cupulate sporodochium seen laterally (e, front removed) and from above (f). a: A.Y.R. 2409a; b: Korf 3959; c, d: Dumont-VE 3222; e, f: CBS 102033. a-d: natural substratum, DIC; e, f: 21-d-old OA culture. Scale bars: a, b = 10 µm; c = 30 µm; d = 50 µm; e, f = ca 65 µm. 
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