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File type:drawing (microscopic) 
File by:H.J.Schroers 
Device directory:CD\0001\0002 
Page number:151 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Fig. 61. Bionectria pityrodes / Clonostachys pityrodes. a. Immature ascus containing 8 still aseptate ascospores; apical ring invisible. b. Somewhat curved, bean-shaped, smooth-walled ascospores. c-e. Conidiophores; divergently branched from young sporodochial pustules (c), adpressed in sporodochia or sporodochial aggregates (d, e); sometimes connected by anas-tomoses (d). f. Sterile or fertile hyphae from margin of sporodochia that extend beyond the sporodochial hymenium (compare with Fig. 60 e, f). g. Conidia. - a: Welden 3765, G.J.S. 2188; b: G.J.S. 2188; c-f: CBS 102033; g: CBS 249.78 and 102033. a, b: natural substratum; c-g: 7-10-d-old OA culture. Scale bars = 10 µm; the shorter bar applies to a, c-f, the longer to b, g. 
  • Record #457