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File type:drawing (microscopic) 
File by:K. Seifert 
Device directory:CD\0001\0008 
Page number:55 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Nectria macrostoma. a. Habit of conidial stroma, with A-synnemata on right and B-synnemata on left some distance from stroma, x 15; b. teleomorph stroma with imbedded perithecia, x 15. - c-f. B-synnemata; c. ornamenting cells near capitulum; d. ornamenting cells lower down on stipe; e. conidia; f. conidiophores. - g-j. A-synnemata; g. conidia; h-i. conidia and conidiophores; j. marginal hyphae. k, l. Teleomorph: k. ascus with ascospores; l. discharged ascospores. (c, d, l. Stilbocrea dussii holotype; e, f. BPI 64805; g. Stilbum connatum no. 516, K; h. culture of G.J.S. 84-259 on OA; i. holotype Stilbum subiculosum; k. Stilbocrea dussii no. 107, FH). 
  • Record #7054