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File type:drawing (microscopic) 
File by:Niemelä 
Device directory:CD\0001\0010 
Page number:108 
On Internet:Yes 
Remarks:Anatomical details of Phellinus igniarius var. igniarius: a) section through crust, b) spores, c) generative hyphae from dissepiment, d) skeletal hypha from dissepiment, e)-f) hymenial setae, g) fragments of core setae, h) dissepiment edge in vertical section.
Material: a)-b) Finland, Tuusula, Salix alba, 1972 Niemelä (H); c)-d), f) and h) lectotype (UPS); e) Finland, Hattula, Salix pentandra, 1969 Uotila (H); g) Finland, Korppoo, Betula, 1972 Niemelä 451 (H).
  • Record #8475