Cuniculitrema polymorpha (teleomorph) versus Sterigmatosporidium polymorphum (anamorph)
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
Cuniculitrema polymorpha (teleomorph) versus Sterigmatosporidium polymorphum (anamorph)

Additional details:
Teleomorph data:
Name: Cuniculitrema polymorpha R. Kirschner & J.P. Samp. 2001 (LEG)
Class: Tremellomycetes, Family: Cuniculitremaceae
Type of: Cuniculitrema
Google scholars hits: About 29
PubMed hits: 1

Anamorph data:
Name: Sterigmatosporidium polymorphum G. Kraep. & U. Schulze 1983 (LEG)
Class: Tremellomycetes, Family:
Type of: Sterigmatosporidium
Google scholars hits: About 55
PubMed hits: 2

Please note that the current proposal was automatically generated using the Teleomorph as the name having priority. This might not be the best option. This is why we would like to get your opinion on this subject. You can click on one of the voting icons below to agree or disagree. You have to be registered on MycoBank to be able to vote. You can only vote once but you can change your at a later stage.
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