New taxon name released: Calycofera cryptica by Reuel.Bennett News Mycobank 2017-10-02 13:56:43
Taxon name: Calycofera cryptica
Mycobank number: 819431
Rank: species
Classification: Chromista, Oomycota, Peronosporomycetes, Peronosporomycetidae, Peronosporales, Calycofera
Deposited by: Reuel.Bennett
Title of publication: Calycofera gen. nov., an estuarine sister taxon to Phytopythium, Peronosporaceae
Authors: Bennett, RM; de Cock, AWAM; Levesque, CA; Thines, M.
Journal name: Mycological Progress
Year of publication: 2017
Page number: 952