New taxon name released: Lichenomphalia oreades by Webmaster News Mycobank 2017-10-03 20:44:47
Taxon name: Lichenomphalia oreades
Mycobank number: 819711
Rank: sp.
Deposited by: Dr. Robert Lücking
Title of publication: A hidden basidiolichen rediscovered: Omphalina oreades Singer belongs as a separate species in the genus Lichenomphalia (Basidiomycota: Agaricales: Hygrophoraceae)
Authors: Lücking, R; Thorn, RG; Saar, I; Piercey-Normore, MD; Moncada, B; Doering, J; Mann, H; Lebeuf, R; Voitk, M; Voitk, A
Journal name: The Lichenologist
Year of publication: 2017
Page number: 473