New taxon name released: Lepra wirthii by Webmaster News Mycobank 2018-02-07 11:45:58
Taxon name: Lepra wirthii
Mycobank number: 820788
Rank: sp.
Deposited by: Dr. Thorsten Lumbsch
Title of publication: Circumscription of the genus Lepra, a recently resurrected genus to accommodate the “Variolaria”-group of Pertusaria sensu lato (Pertusariales, Ascomycota)
Authors: Wei, XL; Schmitt, I; Hodkinson, BP; Flakus, A; Kukwa, M; Divakar, PK; Kirika, PM; Otte, J; Meiser, A; Lumbsch, HT
Journal name: PloS ONE
Year of publication: 2017
Page number: e0180284, 10