New taxon name released: Juncorrhiza by riess News Mycobank 2019-02-12 13:36:17
Taxon name: Juncorrhiza
Mycobank number: 821931
Rank: genus
Classification: Fungi, Dikarya, Entorrhizomycota, Entorrhizomycotina, Entorrhizomycetes, Entorrhizomycetidae, Entorrhizales, Entorrhizaceae
Deposited by: riess
Title of publication: The origin and diversification of the Entorrhizales: deep evolutionary roots but recent radiation, and phylogenetic and phenotypic split between associates of Cyperaceae and Juncaceae
Authors: Riess,K.,Schoen,M.E.,Ziegler,R.,Lutz,M.,Shivas,R.G.,Piątek,M.,Garnica,S.
Journal name: IMA Fungus
Year of publication: 2019
Page number: 23