New taxon name released: Funneliglomus sanmartinensis by f_oehl News Mycobank 2019-03-12 15:58:13
Taxon name: Funneliglomus sanmartinensis
Mycobank number: 829267
Rank: species
Classification: Fungi, Mucoromyceta, Glomeromycota, Glomeromycotina, Glomeromycetes, Glomerales, Glomeraceae, Funneliglomus
Deposited by: f_oehl
Title of publication: Funneliglomus sanmartinensis, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from Amazonia peruana
Authors: Corazon-Guivin, M.A., Mendoza, A.C. Guerrero-Abad, J.C., Vallejos-Tapullima, A., Carballar-Hernández, S., Silva, G.A., Oehl, F.
Journal name: Sydowia
Year of publication: 2019
Page number: 21