New taxon name released: Arthrinium balearicum by pablo_alvarado News Mycobank 2019-03-12 18:25:48
Taxon name: Arthrinium balearicum
Mycobank number: 828866
Rank: species
Classification: Fungi, Dikarya, Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Sordariomycetes, Xylariomycetidae, Xylariales, Apiosporaceae, Arthrinium
Deposited by: pablo_alvarado
Title of publication: Six new species of Arthrinium from Europe and notes about A. caricicola and other species found in Carex spp. hosts
Authors: Pintos, A; Alvarado, P; Planas, J; Jarling, R
Journal name: Mycokeys
Year of publication: 2019
Page number: 24